5 Big Mistakes Guns N’ Roses Made In Their Career

Guns N’ Roses

In today’s music landscape, the dominance of veteran bands like the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and Metallica in filling massive stadiums begs the question. where is the fresh, groundbreaking band capturing the hearts of millions and challenging the music industry giants? Guns N’ Roses had their share of mishaps, many of which likely jeopardized their careers. While the iconic band tasted sweet huge success, some bitter events accompanied it.

Accidental Death at Donington

Guns N’ Roses started on their first European tour in 1988. They presented the British festival Monsters of Rock at Donington. The band was not the festival’s headliner. But they were highly anticipated, marking a turning point in their international career. Tragically, their victory was ruined by the news that a young fan had been fatally trampled in the front rows during the performance.

Axl Rose Takes the Reins

As the band rose to popularity, Axl Rose, the only member who remained relatively unaffected by substance abuse, struggled with growing neuroses. Surrounded by therapists, counselors, and mystics, Rose’s volatile temperament, love-hate relationship with the press, and erratic behavior became a constant source of frustration for his bandmates, harming the group’s public image.

Chaos on the Road of Guns N’ Roses

When Axl Rose decided to headline their tours, his megalomania and unpredictable nature transformed Guns N’ Roses into a symbol of chaos. Constant lateness, abrupt stage exits, confrontations with the audience, and rambling speeches characterized their performances. It surpassed even Jim Morrison’s legendary onstage antics. Each tour stop promised scandalous headlines, leaving the bandmates despondent.

The Exodus of Izzy

Many people underestimated Izzy Stradlin’s departure. But it proved to be a turning point. Some fans complained about his replacement, Gilby Clarke, and the real consequences were seen in the band’s creative output. Since Izzy’s departure, Guns N’ Roses has stopped producing new material, indicating the start of a decline.

Chinese Democracy Debacle

The highly anticipated album “Chinese Democracy” featured a stuffed lineup of five guitarists, a bass player, two drummers, two keyboardists, two producers, and four “additional producers.” Axl Rose was the sole original member involved. Despite high expectations, the album failed to live up to them. It established its place as a symbol of the band’s descent into chaos and uncertainty.

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