Dave Grohl named his favourite Metallica song

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Dave Grohl, the frontman of the Foo Fighters, enjoys a wide range of music. From indie newcomers Wet Leg to vintage disco fans the Bee Gees, the former Nirvana drummer has made it plain that genre-defining labels don’t matter to him. What matters is the quality of the work.

Metal is one genre that Grohl is inextricably linked with. Having grown up listening to great bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Rush, he was particularly intrigued by the music that metal. Now a complex behemoth with many distinct subgenres, was generating when he was drumming in the influential hardcore band Scream in his late teens.

The metal components of Grohl’s playing would grow more apparent. It happened when he established his style as a drummer during this era. They would create some of the most thundering moments for his post-scream band, Nirvana. Whether it’s the John Bonham-esque beginning to smash song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,‘ the technical prowess of ‘In Bloom,’ or the thrashy blasts of ‘Scentless Apprentice,’ Grohl’s link to the metal scene is evident.

Throughout his career, Grohl has praised bands like Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, and even crossover legends Cro-Mags. As a lifetime follower of metal and an artist who has seen it break off into many other areas for over three decades. He is in a better position to remark on its history than most.

Despite an odd and brief spat with their drummer Lars Ulrich, Grohl is a longstanding Metallica admirer. Even James Hetfield, their lead singer, has acknowledged that he influenced his stage presence as significantly as other admired musicians. Some musicians such as the late David Bowie.

Dave Grohl selected his 20 favorite metal songs of all time. He did it during a chat with Q. The Foo Archive has compiled it. And among them was his ultimate Metallica hymn. It’s ‘Master of Puppets,’ the title tune from the same-titled album released in 1986. The piece is a cornerstone of the thrash genre. It was a crucial building element in the evolution of many young musicians of Grohl’s generation. He encouraged them to play harder and faster.

“I bought this mail order from some catalog based purely on the description of the album,” he stated of the song. I’d never heard the term ‘thrash metal’ before. I couldn’t believe it when it arrived. I’d heard Motorhead and some punk before, but never a band this fast, tight, and metal.”

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