Gene Simmons names the best live band of all time

Gene Simmons

Why is a live performance good? Is it the level of sound? The mood? The fireworks? The audience participation? The playlist? According to Gene Simmons, a band’s ability to hold itself together during a performance is what truly distinguishes great live performances; when a band puts its unique energy above what other bands are doing, that’s when the real magic happens.

Naturally, a lot of Kiss fans will probably counter that this is exactly what makes their band so great. It’s difficult to find someone who did stage presence as intense and visceral as Kiss. Indeed, their distinctness won them a devoted following, despite some initially finding their sound and appearance uncomfortable or manufactured.

However, a live performance is about more than just how good a band is. It’s in their demeanor, their tacit ability to brush off detractors, and their incredible talent in the spotlight—the kind that exclaims, “We’re all here for one fun night, why not enjoy it?” As far as Simmons is concerned, AC/DC is the only band on the platform that can hold this kind of significance.

In recent years, AC/DC has been enjoying a highly successful run of live shows, proving that their appeal hasn’t changed in fifty years. Simmons has a great affection for bands. He saw how they progressed from being a band that put in a lot of effort to one that was unstoppable.

That may be the reason the musician quickly identified the venerable rock group. When asked what he believed to be the greatest live set ever, he had an immediate answer. “Optimal set? In an interview with SiriusXM, he clarified, “AC/DC on their first tour. “A band with the same mindset pays no attention. Keep to yourself, no matter what other bands are doing,” he said.

He declared, “A lot of the people look the same, act the same, and do the same thing,” revealing his opinion of the state of affairs. And he went on, “There’s a lot of sameness going on regardless of genre.”

He continued, describing how an act like AC/DC occasionally comes along and helps to buck the trend. They are unlike anyone else. We like to think that makes us special as well.

It’s obvious why AC/DC is still so powerful; their audiences are made up of a combination of younger people who were probably turned on to the band by their parents and diehard fans who have been with them from the start. It’s in the flame, the spark that, even after all these years, doesn’t go out. During his recent performance at London’s Wembley Stadium, Brian Johnson said, “We’re going to have some fun and play some rock ‘n’ roll.” He gazed out to an ardent throng of supporters. It is that easy.

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