George Harrison on Eric Clapton marrying Pattie Boyd

George Harrison

The classic rock era gave rise to many famous couples, including Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull, Paul and Linda McCartney, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono. These musicians demonstrated that there could be love in a dark world where drugs, sex, and groupies were the norm. Some of them endured longer than others and showed greater loyalty than others.

Pattie Boyd and two of the biggest names in music, George Harrison and Eric Clapton, are at the center of one of the most memorable rock romance tales. Although there was no true love triangle in the scenario, many people still interpret it as a story of heartbreak and betrayal. Each party will have a different perspective.

Boyd first encountered Harrison when she came on as an extra in The Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night. Boyd declined his advances because she was already in a relationship when they first met. But in the end, she broke up with her boyfriend to go after Harrison, and the two hit it off right away. The two were barely out of their teens in 1964. It didn’t take them long to move in together and live in a Surrey home.

Harrison proposed to Boyd on Christmas Day of the following year, and they were married in less than a month. The pair quickly rose to fame as an iconic ’60s duo. Their effortlessly chic ensembles, which seemed to complement each other well, earned them recognition. Harrison’s commitment to spirituality and the couple’s succession of adulterous liaisons ultimately resulted in their divorce in 1974.

Not too long after, she began dating Eric Clapton, a close friend of Harrison’s who had been in love with Boyd for many years before. His infatuation with her was so intense that he wrote his hit song “Layla” in 1970. Boyd was the inspiration for several other songs, such as The Beatles’Something.” For a brief period, Clapton dated Boyd’s sister due to his intense feelings for her. But that wasn’t really what he wanted. He would have to wait a few more years to be with Boyd.

They married in 1979, but ten years later, they divorced because his addiction problems became too much to manage. But somehow, Harrison and Clapton stayed friends during their relationship. In an interview with Paul Cashmere, Harrison said he thought Clapton felt “annoyed” by the setup. But in reality, it didn’t bother him too much. Clapton “didn’t run off with her, because we’d kind of finished with each other anyway,” he said at the outset.

“And, you know, I think this is the main problem, not the fact that he got married to Pattie,” he clarified. I believe the reason for the issue is that I didn’t become irritated with him. I believe that has always irritated him.

George Harrison was happy to see Boyd’s content. He didn’t want “all these big rows and divorces” to have a significant negative legal impact.” I believe that deep down, he wishes that it irritated me,” he went on. “But it didn’t, because I was glad that she left because it meant we were done together and it made things easier for me.

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