Ozzy Osbourne album that he wanted to record again

Ozzy Osbourne

Perfection has never been a goal in rock & roll. Even if bands can spend years chasing after one unique sound, there’s a strong chance they’re better off crafting something from the heart than something technically correct. Although Ozzy Osbourne has had his fair share of ups and downs both in and out of the spotlight, he has always wanted to revisit one of his iconic albums.

At the outset of his solo career, Osbourne was on the verge of becoming yet another music business disaster. After being booted out of the Black Sabbath, Osbourne was wasting away at home. He did so until he was inspired by guitarist Randy Rhoads. Osbourne found a brother in arms in the teenage guitar skilled. The brother helped him transform his dark lyrics into metal masterpieces like “Mr. Crowley” and “Over the Mountain.”

Rhoads met his tragic end in a freak tour bus accident. It was during the mid-point of the Diary of a Madman tour. Everything looked to be back on track for Osbourne. Osbourne was heartbroken to be without his characteristic guitar star. But he realized the best way to carry on would be with a replacement guitar Jake E Lee. He expertly mixed the current hair metal gloss with Rhoads’s distinctive flash on his debut with the leader, Bark at the Moon.

It was one of Osbourne’s scariest albums to date. The Ultimate Sin was when he began to connect with harder tracks. Tuning down far more than normal, tracks like the title track and ‘Shot in the Dark‘ returned Osbourne to his ‘Boogieman‘ character. It did with ominous ballads like ‘Killer of Giants‘.

When asked about the recording process, Osbourne declared that he didn’t like the sessions for the album at all. While the songs were solid additions to Osbourne’s library. He believed that the majority of them fell apart during the mixing process with producer Ron Nevison.

In response to the album’s poor sound, Osbourne expressed a desire to produce a good remix of the record as he imagined it should sound. He stated that “Ron Nevison didn’t do a great production job”. The songs weren’t horrible. They recorded them unusually. Everything felt and sounded the same. There was no creativity. If there was ever an album that I wanted to remix and improve on, it would be The Ultimate Sin.”

However, change was already in the air for the maniac in the coming years. After becoming one of heavy metal’s heavyweights, Osbourne parted company with Lee in favor of a young upstart called Zakk Wylde. Zakk would add a bluesy flavor to songs like No Rest for the Wicked and No More Tears.

Even if The Ultimate Sin gets lost in the mix amid Osbourne’s masterpieces, what he created at the time was head and shoulders above any other metal outfit. Osbourne may have felt like he was flying blind, but sometimes taking one’s foot off the brakes allows them to produce their finest work.

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