Ozzy Osbourne Reveals Jonathan Davis’ Support During His Difficult Times

Ozzy Osbourne’s

Ozzy Osbourne highlighted the support he received from his colleagues throughout his Parkinson’s Disease struggle. He discussed it on the most recent episode of The Osbournes Podcast. The rocker singled out Korn’s Jonathan Davis and revealed facts regarding the singer’s reaction to his situation.

He said, “Let me tell you something. Jonathan from Korn has been accommodating while I was suffering. And I didn’t know him all that well. When his wife died, I texted him. ‘If you need to talk, just get on the phone with me,’ I said. He has never forgotten it. He’s been saying for the last five years, ‘Come on brother, you can do it.’ When you f**k light up, it means so lot to you. Slash has done the same.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s Condition And The Support From Other Names

In January 2020, Ozzy Osbourne revealed his condition on ‘Good Morning America.’ Two years later, he claimed that not just Davis but other musicians such as Tony Iommi and Slash assisted, particularly when he needed back and neck surgery.

He also talked about Slash’s support and said, “It’s amazing how many people no longer call when you’re sick.” Slash is the very definition of a gentleman. He’s such a great guy… If I called Slash right now and he was in town, he’d be available for whatever I needed.”

The Disease’s Effect On Ozzy Osbourne’s Career

The operation mentioned above occurred around the time Osbourne was about to release his latest record, ‘Patient Number 9.’ Soon after the procedure, the signer wrote on X to inform followers of his condition.

He wrote, “I am now recuperating at home after being released from the hospital.” I am feeling the love and support from all of my fans, and I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and best wishes while I heal.”

Osbourne was ready to hit the stage for his farewell tour, ‘No More Tours II,’ immediately after the operation. However, because of his deteriorating health, he canceled the 2023 concerts and announced his retirement from touring early this year.

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