Steven Tyler Again Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Steven Tyler

On Thursday, another woman lodged a lawsuit against Aerosmith’s singer, Steven Tyler, alleging sexual assault.

The accuser, Jeanne Bellino, a former child model, asserted that she encountered  Steven Tyler during the summer of 1975 in New York when she was 17 and he was 27. Bellino stated that she and a friend had a scheduled meeting with the band at the Warwick Hotel in New York City. While walking down Sixth Avenue with Tyler and his entourage, Bellino reportedly queried Tyler about his song lyrics. It was at this moment that he allegedly compelled her into a phone booth and assaulted her.

“While she was being held captive, Tyler moved and undressed her clothes, pinned her against the phone booth wall, and stuck his tongue down her throat.” The lawsuit also claims that Tyler placed his hands on her breasts, buttocks, and genitals (via Rolling Stone). “Tyler was pretending to have s*x with Plaintiff while he was humping her and groping her”. No one from the entourage stepped in to stop others from laughing as they stood outside the phone booth.

Bellino continued, “Tyler was wearing thin pants and no underwear. And it was obvious to her as he rubbed his pen*s against her”. After a while, she emerged from the phone booth “in shock and fear”. She claimed that “Tyler’s bandmates and members of the entourage watched, laughed, and did nothing to intervene during the ordeal.

After the phone booth incident, Tyler allegedly started grinding against Bellino and forcing her to kiss him, even though she refused. Bellino and the others then went to the Warwick Hotel. According to reports, the singer told her he was “going in my room to do something quick”. And that he would then call her to his room.

Later, Bellino, was so terrified that she “couldn’t talk and was paralysed”. She alleges that  one of Tyler’s associates then told her that she could go up to his room. Rather, she “bolted towards the hotel door,” where a doorman, who had seen the earlier incident, “flung her” into a taxi and instructed the driver to leave. They reportedly encountered each other only on this day.

The alleged assault, according to Bellino’s lawsuit, caused her to “struggle with terrible physical and mental pain, severe and lasting emotional distress, physical manifestations of emotional distress, embarrassment, humiliation, and physical, personal, and psychological injuries”. After the incident, they reportedly admitted her to the hospital and gave her medication. She still requires medication to cope with the sexual assault and suffered long-term physical injury associated with the trauma.
















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