The Beatles song John Lennon called “one of my best”

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John Lennon had always wanted to write songs with an unusual sound. Even though the Beatles began as a straightforward pop group that wrote songs for the world’s screaming teenagers, John Lennon refused to leave the studio until he had created something that truly altered the definition of what a rock song could be. Although Lennon readily acknowledges that he wasn’t always successful, he considered the journey he took with “Happiness is a Warm Gun” to be among his greatest accomplishments.

On the other hand, The White Album may be among the group’s best albums just due to its peculiar nature. At more than ninety minutes, the album is already a lot to take in, but the stark tones used throughout almost give it an anti-concept, as if each track is just thrown together for the sole purpose of getting it out there.

While studying transcendental meditation, each member had ample opportunity to ponder over songs. However, Lennon’s material reflected a wide range of mental states. There were moments when the music was desperate, like in “I’m So Tired“. But there were also moments of pure beauty, like in “Dear Prudence,” with its soft fingerpicking.

That also resulted in Lennon making some of his most daring decisions throughout his career. In his free time, he continued to collaborate with Yoko Ono on obscure vinyl art projects. However, when he transferred that same energy to the Beatles album “Revolution 9,” many believed he had lost his way. “Happiness is a Warm Gun” is an example of well-executed experimentation, even if it was a disaster for fans.

Lennon condenses what sounds like four separate song ideas into one epic piece in less than three minutes. The first section’s gentle guitars seem to set the mood for something emotional. However, when the dirtiest blues riff he ever composed breaks out, followed right away by 1950s-style doo-wop, listeners will have the last section’s ending. They may check to make sure they haven’t accidentally switched to a different song.

Lennon told Jann Wenner, “I love that,” even though he thought the tone was somewhat incoherent at times. I tend to forget that one of me is the best. It is, in my opinion, a lovely song. I simply enjoy how much variety there is in it. I composed three separate pieces of music. However, it was intended to be something like, I’m not sure. It seemed to flow through all the different kinds of rock music”

Even though some of the other members were a little leery of John Lennon’s experiments, Paul McCartney and George Harrison regarded the song as one of the album’s highlights. Still, the song’s influence on other rock bands that have dared to dream bigger is one of its greatest modern strengths.

Queen employed the same process of fusing three distinct songs to create “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Thom Yorke of Radiohead referenced this song while composing the various sections of “Paranoid Android.” “Happiness is a Warm Gun” serves more as a reminder that once musicians begin recording, anything is possible. The Beatles were constantly pushing the boundaries of what rock could achieve, challenging themselves and their listeners with each new release.


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