The classic song Van Halen made up on the spot

Van Halen

It seems inconceivable that Van Halen released as much music during the David Lee Roth era. For any rock band, let alone one that had been touring constantly in between albums, the period between their debut and 1984 would be considered a towering achievement. Even though there are undoubtedly some records that don’t stack up as well as others. “Women and Children First” appeared to be the most developed album from their early years. Roth acknowledged writing “Everybody Wants Some” in a flash.

Their third album feels the most heavy metal-influenced of all the Van Halen releases. Even though some argue that Van Halen has no place in that particular cultural discourse. Eddie’s riffs on “And the Cradle Will Rock” and the transitional song “Tora Tora” are incredibly fierce. So it must have paid off during his time opening for Black Sabbath.

However, “Everybody Wants Some” sounds like it’s being played by rock legends before Roth even enters the scene. The level of production had increased. They appeared to look up to Lemmy Kilmister and Tony Iommi more than they did to Black Oak Arkansas’s Jim Dandy.

Regarding the composition of the song, Roth told Musician that he composed half of it on the spot. He said, “All the best parts of our music are just made up on the spot.” We wait until the last minute because there is so much pressure on us to produce so well. Those quick, spontaneous, and bizarre lyrics jam-pack this song. And that’s undoubtedly a “everyone wants some” mentality.

They didn’t give it much thought either. That’s not to argue that the song is awful; in fact, it may be among the best from the Roth era. The presentation is more about how Roth often sounds like he’s singing whatever comes to mind. Even though he completely messes up one line in the song, no one bothers to fix it because of his attitude.

That kind of thinking might be more punk than anything else. Hearing a song that is nothing more than pure rock and roll debauchery is exhilarating. It’s exactly what you want to hear from a group of guys who have been touring the world for the past few years. Especially since they were incorporating a lot more attitude into their sound. Songs like “Loss of Control” captures that essence perfectly.

Not that the equipment isn’t clean, mind you. Even on his best days, Eddie never seemed to miss a note in the studio. His solo, although hardly the most spectacular thing he has ever performed, is still noteworthy. Hearing him bounce off Roth half the time is a sight to behold once they find a groove.

Everybody Wants Some” sounds more like a reminder from Van Halen to their fans, regardless of how much thought the group put into the song. After their brief absence, this served as a wake-up call for the celebration to recommence as soon as this song began.

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