The Eagles tour that Joe Walsh hated playing

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh appears to be immune to most things that frighten him. Some of his greatest moments come from letting his fiery personality flow through great songs. He was the American king of rock and roll wildmen alongside Keith Moon. He can do this with solos like “In the City” or by adding impressive licks to songs like “Life in the Fast Lane.” Walsh has, nevertheless, experienced moments of weakness. Every time the guitarist took the stage after the Eagles got back together to celebrate, he was embarrassed.

However, Walsh probably wouldn’t have been here to perform on the previous tour if the reunion hadn’t occurred on Hell Freezes Over. Walsh was the wild man for a damn good reason during his tenure with the group. Every show’s after-party featured him either holding court in the background or getting up to whatever shenanigan one could imagine. He continued the antics when he returned to the hotel.

The group’s fallout in the early 1980s caused him to bury himself in the bottle. He turned into a tornado every time he walked into a hotel room. Glenn Frey and Don Henley recalled Walsh being way too blitzed out of his mind when they first presented the idea to him. However, the reunion was always on the table.

In History of the Eagles, Frey remembered, “Everyone was just going going along with Joe Walsh. We arranged to meet in Aspen. It was two o’clock in the afternoon, and Joe was buzzed. He would say, “Hey, I’m there, man, I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” but it was obvious that he wasn’t.

In the end, the Eagles came back together for the special music video for Travis Tritt’s rendition of “Take It Easy.” However, Walsh would have to sober up before they could have a real reunion. As soon as the guitar hero returned from rehab, work started on their MTV special. It would feature him performing songs like “Get Over It.

Walsh’s decision to perform sober for the first time, however, terrified him utterly. He told 60 Minutes, “I was afraid that everybody on the planet would discover that I had no idea what I was doing.” In the music industry, I’ve learned that if you act as though you know what you’re doing, people will assume you do. However, looking back, none of us did.

Walsh’s voice only got better with age, although some still find his squawky delivery to be a bit of an acquired taste. In addition to his amazing slide guitar playing, Walsh’s performance on songs like “Pretty Maids All in a Row” only grew more moving as he grew older. He sang of friends who had passed away. His songs reflect how time will eventually leave everything in its wake.

Walsh may have been fortunate to maintain his skills over the years. The Eagles reunion was more than just a chance for him to play with his old teammates. He acknowledges that it’s also the reason he’s still alive.

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