The iconic artist Jimmy Page called a “genius”

Jimmy Page

Before the formation of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page had already established himself as one of the most well-known guitarists in London, having played as a session musician for many notable performers throughout the 1960s. With a long career in the music industry, Page has gained great respect for true genius. He reserves the label for those few occasions when an exceptional talent emerges, and he does not use it lightly.

It takes someone with amazing talent for Page to step up and give them their due credit. When armed with a guitar, few people can compete with Page. He helped deliver heavy rock to the public, leaving a stamp on rock ‘n’ roll that can still be felt in the vibrations today.

Furthermore, as the primary songwriter for Led Zeppelin, Page created many rock anthems that have endured the test of time. When he was at the peak of his game, the musician was a master craftsman. He also oversaw production and micromanaged nearly every aspect of his band’s output.

While the duo’s techniques differed greatly, another musician who worked in a similar vein to Page was The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, who made the Led Zeppelin founder appear lazy in comparison. Wilson famously threw everything he had into Pet Sounds, resulting in a timeless masterpiece but at a high personal cost.

Wilson prioritized his art over his sanity, making sacrifices that still bother him now. Musically, the former Beach Boys member stands out as a one-of-a-kind figure who helped propel pop to new heights. With that, Page has nothing but admiration for the singer/songwriter.

On Wilson’s official website, a comment claimed to Page reads: “The man is a genius!” Hearing other artists do his numbers helps you realize how excellent his original tunes are.”

Following Led Zeppelin’s disbandment, Page had plenty of spare time. As a result, when the opportunity occurred to join The Beach Boys for two Independence Day performances in 1985, he couldn’t pass up the chance. He relished the opportunity to perform alongside Wilson.

Decades later, Jimmy Page posted a photo of himself with The Beach Boys on social media, recalling: “On this day in 1985, I played Independence Day with The Beach Boys.” On this famous day, Philadelphia and Washington faced off. We traveled by rail between the two cities.”

“Mr T. was also on the excursion. Bruce Johnston, a member of the Beach Boys, and I became friends. It was an honor to meet Brian and Carl Wilson and perform with The Beach Boys on this historic day. However, we do not celebrate July 4th in England,” he explained.

Watch the video of his collaboration with The Beach Boys below.

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