The musician Stevie Nicks said was “everything I wanted to be”

Stevie Nicks

It’s difficult to see Stevie Nicks wishing she was someone else. The Fleetwood Mac singer became one of the most adored and respected musicians in rock history, and for decades, countless people looked up to her in amazement. But she documented the moment her love for another artist slipped into that difficult place. It was between adoration, envy, and admiration in her song “If Anyone Falls.

Love is difficult in any situation. It gets even more difficult, though, when love and art collide and are shared by artists. A thin line always separates the bright, happy emotions of admiration and desire from the murkier, darker realms of resentment or jealousy. The sickly sweet feelings of admiration can quickly turn bitter and sour.

Particularly, the love between two musicians feels like a minefield. There will always be some level of comparison or rivalry between two people in the same industry. This can involve who is succeeding better, obtaining more gigs, or becoming more well-liked. Even if the love is purely spiritual or creative rather than romantic, controlling the emotions surrounding admiration can be challenging because they are so close to jealousy. It frequently stems from not knowing if you want to be the person or the person with them.

Though difficult to describe, this condition seeps into everyone’s stomachs and pits of hearts. It can be difficult to tell whether someone is happy to be next to someone in a creative relationship, watching and supporting their success. They might instead be wishing they were them. Nicks is one of the most well-known women in rock, but even at her level, she still has to walk a tightrope between the two.

She nailed it when she sang about an all-encompassing love that made it difficult to distinguish between jealousy and infatuation in “If Anyone Falls.” “There was a period when I was falling for this person and no one else seemed to matter,” the author writes. About the song, she remarked, “I loved him.” She had spent her childhood obsessed with music and the people who made it. Her love for the musician also touched on her self-image and the kind of life she’d always wanted for herself.

“He was everything I aspired to be—a true rock star and a Stones fan, sometimes small and fragile but, in many respects, the strongest person I had ever met. His word was law,” she went on. I took on his persona. He turned into me, and nobody ventured to break up this couple.

The man in question was musician Waddy Wachtel, who collaborated with numerous idols and peers of Nicks. He had performed as a session musician for artists such as Warren Zevon, Randy Newman, and James Taylor. He also worked with The Rolling Stones and plenty more. Additionally, he collaborated with Nicks, appearing on three albums: The Wild Heart, Fleetwood Mac (released in 1974), Buckingham Nicks (1973), and the latter. He performs on the song “If Anyone Falls” while Nicks sings of her love for him. Their intricate relationship combines romantic, familial, and creative kinship.

It appears that Nicks was never able to get away from that. Her romantic past is inextricably linked to her artistic career. She frequently finds herself falling in love with collaborators. Her musical admiration for them often develops into lust or love.

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