The one collaborator Paul McCartney said was irreplaceable

Paul McCartney

There’s usually one weak link in the chain of every great band. Even though they all collaborate to create amazing music, there’s always that one member of the group. They don’t seem to be contributing as much as the others. This is especially noticeable when they’re writing songs. It’s also evident when they’re touring. Although Paul McCartney was by no means The Beatles’ weakest member, he did acknowledge that his wife Linda was perhaps one of the most underappreciated musicians he had ever collaborated with.

This idea stems from the fact that when Paul started his solo career, many Beatles fans disliked Linda McCartney overall. The world had already begun to turn against Yoko Ono, holding her responsible for the band’s dissolution. Now, the world saw Linda, a photographer, suddenly assuming she could play keyboards alongside her husband once Wings came together.

However, McCartney might not have pursued a solo career at all if it weren’t for Linda. McCartney was a complete mess at the end of The Beatles, barely able to get out of bed, much less play the guitar. Linda persuaded him to compile tracks for his first solo album, McCartney, initiating his solo career.

Nor is it as though she was unaware of her reputation. It wasn’t about creating the ideal vocal harmony to match The Beatles. Linda even acknowledged that she was occasionally fairly out of tune on the first few Wings albums. No matter which member went it alone, that was never going to happen. Despite her lack of musical technique, McCartney thought there was no one else who helped him more than Linda.

Although Linda was not the most gifted musician, McCartney told Rolling Stone that no one could have succeeded her. “I know there is this feeling that Linda might not be able to do it,” McCartney said. Although it’s not how I feel, that’s what the critics say. It was so bloody perfect that I brought in some more people to sing background harmonies. It was uninteresting. She appeals to me in a way reminiscent of Shangri-La, I’ve always said.

Although it can be challenging to ignore the more off-key passages on some of those early Wings albums, it’s clear that Linda’s skill as a vocalist developed during her marriage to her husband. The outrageous solo she performs in “Long Haired Lady” is oddly surreal and eccentric for its genre. When she sings background vocals on “Helen Wheels,” or gets to sing songs like “I Am Your Singer,” she solidifies the sound.

To be more precise, Linda was Macca’s rock and the source of some of his best love songs. It was one of her best roles. The best love songs McCartney had written for her were “My Love” and “Magic,” which are about their first night together in the 1960s, were written after she passed away. She wrote these songs from the time of their marriage until her tragic death from breast cancer in the 1990s.

Thus, despite what detractors may say about Linda’s actions in forcing McCartney out of The Beatles, she is responsible for half of the band’s current success. Some may find the high-pitched vocals irritating, but removing them would eliminate half of the song’s uniqueness.

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