The opening act nobody wanted to follow, according to Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

Kiss is one of the live bands that other performers were dreading to open for. Not only did their songs sound amazing, but their makeup, overall appearance, pyrotechnics, and captivating stage persona captivated audiences from the minute they took the stage. People have followed Kiss on tour and cram their homes with memorabilia from their tours for a reason: they just couldn’t get enough.

They have high expectations for live performances and begin every gig with the phrase “You wanted the best, you got the best.” That means any band that they were afraid to follow in music had to be good. Paul Stanley considered the sheer force of Van Halen’s sound and why bands were afraid to play with them. There aren’t many bands that Kiss wouldn’t think they could compete with.

He reflected on the first time he heard the band rule the radio waves and said, “It was Van Halen.” “On the radio, it sounded fantastic. “Runnin’ With The Devil” sounded absurd, after all. When that album was released, it changed everything. Because they were such a powerful force, opening for them hurt every other band they played with.

Paul Stanley thought back to the days when the band opened for Black Sabbath and how hard it was for Ozzy and company to match their intensity live. “You chose not to comply with that. Ozzy discusses Van Halen’s shows with Sabbath in the same way. Dave remarked, “There was Edward, Randy, and a few other people, and then there were just a lot of people knocking it off. The whole band was like a steamroller. You know, Dave was just phenomenal on stage.”

It’s true that Van Halen experienced the full force of Black Sabbath during one of the band’s first significant tours. The powerful sound of the band as a whole combined with Eddie’s shredding guitar left audiences stunned into silence. This happened long before Black Sabbath even took the stage.

Tony Iommi, the guitarist for Sabbath, was one man who would change his mind and become a fan. Recalling the first time he had seen the guitarist during that tour, he remarked, “Eddie was playing things I’d never seen before. We became friends then.” He naturally set off a whole new batch of players in that manner, and some of them still amaze me. It’s not something I can follow. Of course, I couldn’t succeed.

To be sure, Van Halen added something fresh to rock & roll. Although they played in a fast-paced, disorganised manner, they didn’t lose the intensity of the powerful distorted chord. They were so amazing that it was impossible for anyone to listen to them without having their mind blown. As a result, when they eventually began opening for bands, audiences were given a glimpse of something that had never been done before and still isn’t entirely duplicated.

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