The single Eddie Van Halen never wanted to release

Eddie Van Halen

No rock group can consistently assert that they are in sync. When everyone is first starting, it’s one thing to have a common goal in mind. Eventually, everyone will try their hardest to pursue what they believe should be their future. This is because they all have different ideas of what success looks like. Although it’s difficult to disagree with an individual such as Eddie Van Halen, who leads a band bearing his name, the guitarist never felt entirely at ease. Their timeless rendition of The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” was played on the radio.

Since it’s just common sense. When making a musical first impression, everyone wants to look their best, so launching into a cover song doesn’t give fans a clear idea of your values. If anything, it only serves to highlight the influences of the performer, as if they are aware that none of their songs are as good as those of others.

However, quality control wasn’t necessarily a concern for Van Halen. They had spent years perfecting their live performance. The majority of their debut record set the standard for Los Angeles’ musical identity for the ensuing ten years. Particularly notable was Eddie’s choice to showcase his lead vocals on songs like “I’m the One.”

However, in the band’s early years, covering groups wasn’t completely out of the question. Van Halen would occasionally mix in riffs from legendary bands like Black Sabbath and ZZ Top. They also incorporated lesser-known groups like Montrose, who featured a young, talented singer named Sammy Hagar, during their tenure as club operators.

Though Eddie Van Halen knew it would be risky to release the song as one of their first singles, he told Brad Tolinski, “[Producer] Ted [Templeman] to on the phone with Warner Bros and they decided to send ‘You Really Got Me’ to radio stations as soon as possible.” “You Really Got Me” wasn’t even the only Kinks song that Van Halen performed. I was very disappointed in them for doing that. I had hoped for one of our original songs, such as “Jamie’s Cryin,” to be the first single.

It’s not as though Van Halen covered the iconic song from the 1960s on the cheap. While some people attribute Ray and Dave Davies’s iconic hit to launching hard rock, Eddie transformed what was essentially a garage rock song. He gave those five-chord stabs the force of a musical jet engine, turning it into an arena hit.

Eddie didn’t release any of his original songs first. However, when the song debuted on classic rock stations, the radio ultimately made a small concession. They played his solo segment “Eruption” as the song’s prelude. When people heard what Eddie could do, they stopped talking about the Kinks cover, despite the label’s best efforts.

After hearing that solo, though, the rock world had a new guitar hero, and for the next fifty years, they would analyze every one of his licks. Van Halen’s party band persona is well-served by “You Really Got Me.” However, “Eruption” is where fans first saw Eddie as a musical god.

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