The song that made Eddie Van Halen play rock music

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen was destined to reinvent the rock guitar, even though it seems legendary now. Even though he started by learning a few licks from scratch, just like any other guitarist, in a matter of years, his innovations were nearly unrecognizable to aspiring musicians. Eddie frequently acknowledged Eric Clapton as having had a significant influence on his playing. However, he didn’t start to take the instrument seriously until he heard of the Dave Clark Five.

However, the music Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex were known for when they first immigrated to the United States was the furthest thing from rock. It was nothing like anyone could imagine. Given that their father was a skilled woodwind and piano player, they spent a lot of time on the boat traveling from Amsterdam to America playing tunes. They borrowed a lot from the standards of the day rather than from Chuck Berry.

Concurrently, rock & roll was undergoing its initial significant transformation. The biggest acts of the British Invasion were putting a sophisticated spin on the genre. Berry and Little Richard helped get things started, and Elvis Presley made the whole thing into a spectacle. Although it’s difficult to argue that The Rolling Stones were among the world’s most sophisticated bands. The Beatles introduced a fresh perspective on music. The Dave Clark Five quickly adopted this new way of thinking.

The American group, when they first started, pretty much defined the sound of garage rock. With Clark seated behind the drums at the back of the group, the dynamic was already off. As soon as he opened his mouth, fans saw someone who, although not the best vocalist, had a lot of attitude. He was never afraid to take risks when he sang.

“We were training to be classical pianists, and then we heard Dave Clark Five, and we heard ‘Glad All Over,'” Eddie told Billboard. “The first wave of rock and roll was just fun, but Eddie knew that kind of music was what he wanted to be later in life.” We said, “Enough piano,” right away. A fight broke out then over who got to play the drums.

Although Eddie’s initial goal was to play the drums himself, things took a drastic turn when Alex began to show off his kit. This made Eddie pick up the guitar almost out of resentment. Eddie’s small-scale rivalry with his brother would eventually make him one of the greatest guitarists. His brother became one of the greatest drummers of the modern era.

It’s also surprising to learn how closely Van Halen modeled their band after the Dave Clark Five. You wouldn’t hear Dave Clark Five in the band’s early years. One could argue that Dave Clark Five played an instrumental role in popularizing hard rock. Another superstar, David Lee Roth, succeeded him in putting such charisma behind the kit.

Although the rest of the garage rock scene aimed to emulate Dave Clark Five, someone had already laid the groundwork for something new. Eddie’s potential to unleash his destructive force on the world was not merely a question of when.

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