The strange connection between Jimmy Page and Michael Caine

Jimmy Page

Celebrity circles often reveal surprising connections, demonstrating that the high-flying and jet-setting lifestyles of the rich and famous operate on a different plane of wealth and existence. In one such unexpected link, Michael Caine and Jimmy Page found themselves connected in the quiet countryside, showcasing the small world of the elite.

Caine, accustomed to unlikely associations, once shared an anecdote about avoiding friendship with the notorious Kray twins, who hailed from the same region and era. Despite the unconventional friendships, Caine’s world collided with that of Jimmy Page in an unforeseen manner.

After The Yardbirds’ breakup, Page went on to form Led Zeppelin, becoming a legendary guitarist and a pivotal figure in rock history. In 1980, Page purchased Old Mill House from Michael Caine for £900,000, setting the stage for a tragic turn of events that would impact Page’s life and Led Zeppelin’s future.

Following a rehearsal for an upcoming American tour, Led Zeppelin retired to Old Mill House, where drummer John Bonham was found unresponsive the next day, succumbing to death at 32 on September 25th, 1980. Bonham’s passing led to the disbandment of Led Zeppelin, altering the course of Page’s personal and professional journey.

The guitarist eventually sold the property, repurchased it, and subsequently sold it again. Today, Old Mill House is available for rental on Airbnb, with its listing highlighting the famous former owners – Led Zeppelin’s Page and Oscar-winner Caine.

Bonham’s death had a profound impact on Page, prompting him to put Old Mill House on the market a decade later. The fact that he repurchased it suggests a lingering connection to the property. Nevertheless, this connection wouldn’t have formed if Page hadn’t initially acquired the house from one of the most distinguished actors of the modern age, Michael Caine.

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