AC/DC Fan Favorite Phil Rudd Hints at Possible Return

Phil Rudd

The drummer for AC/DC, Phil Rudd, stated in a recent interview with Stuff in New Zealand that he was unable to attend the Power Trip festival in California with his fellow band members. However, discussions suggest AC/DC will embark on their much-anticipated world tour in 2024. They may play shows in Australia and New Zealand.

I look forward to playing with them again in the future,” he stated to Stuff. “Rock on.”

In related news, Rudd is donating the proceeds from the sale of his drum kit to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Phil has also a close friend who has been a stage 4 breast cancer patient for 15 years. They gave her six months to live six months ago. She “will be lucky to make it until Christmas,” according to the doctors, Rudd told Stuff.

Matt Laug filled in as AC/DC’s drummer for their performance at Power Trip in early October. American drummer Laug, 55, has performed with numerous bands and performers, including Vasco Rossi, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT, Alice Cooper, and Alanis Morissette. After graduating from South Florence High School in 1986, Matt relocated to Los Angeles. He attended college there and went on to become a highly sought-after studio drummer. Laug opened for AC/DC in 2001 as part of SLASH’S SNAKEPIT during the “Stiff Upper Lip” tour’s European and North American legs.

Rudd returned to AC/DC for the recording of “Power Up,” released in November 2020. However, no explanation was provided for his absence in early September when Laug was announced as the drummer for Power Trip.

They removed Rudd from AC/DC in 2015. After a guilty plea for drug possession and threats, a New Zealand court sentenced him to eight months of home detention. Chris Slade (who had been AC/DC’s drummer from 1989 to 1994, when he played on the album “The Razor’s Edge”) took his place on the band’s “Rock Or Bust” tour.

Rudd, present on all but three AC/DC albums, toured in 2014 to promote his solo debut, “Head Job.” The album’s release partially led to Rudd’s arrest. He threatened harm over promotional concerns with reports citing personal assistant and daughter involvement.

In an interview with Dean Delray for his podcast “Let There Be Talk” in November 2020, Rudd revealed that the idea for his comeback to AC/DC was first sown during the 2017 funeral of the band’s rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young. At the ceremony were bassist Cliff Williams, singer Brian Johnson, and actor Rudd. At the time, people regarded the three musicians as former members of AC/DC. Rudd was sidelined in 2015 for legal issues; Johnson and Williams left in 2016 due to health concerns.

Angus and I had a good chat at Mal’s funeral and caught up,” Rudd said. “There was crazy stuff going on [after I played on the ‘Rock Or Bust’ record], but since then, I’d gotten my sh*t together, formed a little band, traveled to Europe, did some playing, and recorded [a solo] album. The guys were aware that I was still performing, so when I ran into Angus at the funeral, we started talking, and inexplicably, he asked me if I would be interested in [recording a new AC/DC album]. And the following day he began to write. He entered the studio and immediately began to write.”

According to Angus, Rolling Stone, Malcolm’s funeral did indeed heal old wounds.

The guitarist said, “[Phil Rudd] was there and in good shape.” He was doing a good job of controlling himself. He was sorting himself out and going to therapy. It was excellent.

Johnson, along with the rest of AC/DC, warmly welcomed Rudd.”I speak for all the boys with Phil,” he replied. “We fully support Phil. That’s not the Phil we know; that’s not what happened up there. That was simply not the same. He’s looking really good right now and performing really well.”






























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