Adam Lambert Shares The Song He Didn’t Want To Sing Out Of Respect For Freddie Mercury

Adam Lambert

Since 2011, the charismatic Adam Lambert has been igniting stages around the world as Queen’s frontman under the moniker Queen + Adam Lambert. With his powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence, he has given new life to the legendary band’s classic hits. However, in an interview with Forbes, Lambert revealed that there is one song exquisitely sung by the late Freddie Mercury. He has deliberately chosen not to perform that particular song.

Since joining forces with Queen in 2011, Adam Lambert and the legendary band have released two live albums, ‘Live in Japan’ (2016) and ‘Live Around the World’ (2020). Their collaboration has resulted in a string of successful tours, beginning with their debut performance in Kyiv in 2012.

Queen + Adam Lambert have toured the world extensively, performing in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. Their performances have been praised by both critics and fans, demonstrating that the magic of Queen’s music is still very much alive. Queen + Adam Lambert is currently preparing for their long-awaited North American tour.

Lambert revealed in a heartfelt statement that there is one song he adores and wishes to sing but will not do so due to Freddie Mercury’s incredible voice. This decision, he explained, came after realising how beautifully Freddie had sung the song. As a result, he suggested they do something with the song that didn’t interfere with Freddie’s vocals in any way.

Lambert said:

“There is one song in particular that I adore, ‘Take My Breath Away,’ which is simply the most beautiful recording of Freddie. I was in love with it, but then I realised, ‘I don’t want to touch it. It’s that gorgeous’. And that’s when I suggested, ‘Let’s play a little piece of it, with Freddie singing it, just to set the tone for something.’

We do that now; we’ve been doing it for a while, right before ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’. At the moment, all I have is this lovely palette cleanser. And I enjoy hearing his voice on it. So that’s one I dreamed of singing, but then decided not to try because it’s just too good.

Brian May, Queen’s iconic guitarist, also spoke out on the subject. He emphasised the importance of keeping Freddie Mercury’s spirit alive during their performances. May stated that they have found ways to incorporate Freddie’s presence into the show without using backing tracks or other artificial methods.

May said:

“It’s nice because Freddie has become involved in the show. You’ll hear Freddie during the show, and you’ll see him occasionally through various small means that we have. However, you will not hear any clicks or backing tracks. You’ll only hear us and a few Freddie-like nuances, which we enjoy. Freddie played a role in the beginning of all of this, and he is still present. His spirit is extremely strong.

Adam Lambert’s decision not to sing ‘Take My Breath Away’ is a touching tribute to the legendary Freddie Mercury, whose voice continues to enchant and captivate audiences to this day. By honoring Freddie’s memory and embracing his spirit, Queen + Adam Lambert keep the flame of their timeless music alive. They demonstrate that some legends never die.

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