Angus Young said Eric Clapton wasn’t genius at all

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Artists can criticize even the most popular and esteemed musicians. Not every talented musician is a big fan of every other’s work. Angus Young, the guitarist for AC/DC, demonstrates this with his open remarks regarding Eric Clapton.

In a 1986 interview with Guitar World, Young expressed his unfavourable opinions about Clapton. The guitarist discussed his influences and gave credit to legendary rock ‘n’ roll performer Chuck Berry for influencing his own sound. However, Young’s perspective drastically shifted after talking about Clapton.

Young Claimed On Chuck Berry And Eric Clapton

Claiming that Berry was “a lot better than Clapton will ever be,” he boldly declared, casting doubt on the glowing reviews Clapton had gotten while playing with Cream. Young went on to state the following, making it very evident where he stood:

“Chuck Berry never showed compassion for others. Whether he was playing his own song, someone else’s song, or neither, it didn’t matter to him. He always has a broad grin from ear to ear when he plays the guitar. When I was growing up, everyone used to gush about Clapton, calling him a guitar genius and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, Chuck Berry is far superior to Clapton, even on a bad night.

Angus Young Critisized Clapton’s Musical Approach

Young went on to criticise Clapton for his propensity to imitate his blues idols, giving an explanation.

“Clapton just mishmashes together licks that he has stolen from other artists, such as B.B. King and the other legendary blues musicians. Other than a few decent tracks with Cream, the only truly outstanding album he ever produced was the Blues Breaker album he co-wrote with John Mayall. That’s essentially how the guy established his reputation. I never understood the initial fuss surrounding Clapton.”

Before the release of AC/DC’s fifth album, “Powerage,” in 1978, Angus discussed his thoughts on Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton in an interview. With a laugh, the guitarist said they had been copying his style for years. He mentioned that when he first began playing, these guitarists were already well-known.

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