Freddie Mercury had Unfulfilled Wish

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury’s natural star reputation raised anyone he admired or recognized to a position of honor. He, as a confident artist, acknowledged his exceptional talent and considered only a select few in the history of music as potential peers to his unique brilliance. However, among those who caught his eye, there was one individual he regretted never meeting.

Born in 1946, Mercury organically built a deep admiration for The Beatles as they gained fame in the early 1960s. Upon his 1964 arrival in Britain, he embraced the rock and roll-centered lifestyle, ideal for appreciating their musical skill. Departing from his war-affected homeland, the singer eagerly searched for new experiences, finding music as his haven.

At that time, The Beatles were at the top as they gained unparalleled success. Freddie Mercury anxiously captivated their work. Within the band, each member had their own personal favorite, and for Mercury, John Lennon held a unique and special position.

In 1984, when asked about whom he wanted to meet, Mercury expressed a strong desire to meet and talk with John Lennon. He idolized Lennon and considered him a remarkable human being. However, he regretted not having had the chance to meet him, making Lennon the only person he wished to meet.

This wasn’t surprising or new because he previously expressed his likeness for the late Beatle, referring to him as “larger than life” and an “absolute genius”. He personally loved John Lennon’s work, even during their early years as The Beatles.

Additionally, he said, “I can’t explain it, but he possessed that magical quality… Honestly, I’d never place myself on the same level as John Lennon because, in my opinion, he was the greatest. I hold immense admiration for him, and that’s the extent of it. When I heard of Lennon’s passing, I was deeply shocked and left speechless.”

After Lennon’s death, Mercury composed the Queen song ‘Life is Real’ in the remembrance of late singer. This song featured on their 1982 album Hot Space. He expressed his emotions through the track and honored his idol wholeheartedly with overwhelming lyrics.

In his last interview in 1980, Lennon also showed appreciation for Queen, stating, “While you’re enjoying the Beatles’ music, take the time to explore Queen or the Clash or whatever is currently popular.”

Freddie Mercury complimented Lennon’s work until the beautiful soul left us. 

Although the paths of these two legends never crossed, we believe they shake their hands on paradise.

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