Geddy Lee Wants To ‘Do Some Thing In Music’ Before It’s Too Late

Geddy Lee

Rush’s Geddy Lee recently spoke with Pollstar about his desire to return to music creation. He focused on the importance of pursuing new musical endeavors before it is too late.

Geddy Lee mentioned the following plans, “I’m thinking about some big decisions I need to make. I’d like to get back into writing music and see where it takes me. I’d like to do some music-related things before ruling that out. So I just need some time right now.

The Intense Final Stretch

Lee added that he had dedicated three years to his new book, ‘My Effin’ Life.

“I worked on this book for almost three years. The last two months were particularly intense, with me traveling every day, visiting all these different cities, and talking a lot.” I just need a period where I’m not talking as much and instead think more than talk.”

A Respectful Remembrance

Despite his long career as a performer, the musician faced new challenges during his ‘My Effin‘ Life In Conversation’ book tour, including the nerves of performing on stage without his bass guitar for the first time. His memoir chronicles his life and career. Lee’s book delves into personal struggles, band dynamics, and the impact of Neil Peart’s death from brain cancer in 2020.

During a Classic Rock discussion about his autobiography, Lee expressed the delicate balance he sought to maintain in respecting Peart’s and his family’s privacy. He reveals, “Carrie [Peart’s wife] and Olivia [his daughter] plan to read it. So, while I didn’t want to betray any trust, I believe it was appropriate to describe the difficulty of that three-and-a-half-year period. It was difficult for me, and I was only his friend; I wasn’t a member of his family. And it was a nightmare for them to deal with daily.”

The book tour itself became a memorable experience for fans, with surprise guest hosts including Paul Rudd, Jack Black, and Rush co-founder Alex Lifeson. The tour, coupled with Lee’s select appearances since Rush’s last tour in 2015, marked a significant moment for both Lee and his fans, rekindling the in-person connection that has been a hallmark of his long career.

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