Gene Simmons Defends Paul Stanley’s ‘Underrated’ Skills

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons appreciated and supported his bandmate Paul Stanley‘s abilities.

In the current edition of Guitar World, Gene Simmons discussed Stanley, calling him an undervalued guitarist who has been underappreciated. “When we first started the band in 1972, there was this sense that Paul and Ace would complement each other. They try not to play in the same chord range. The rocker said of Stanley’s guitar tone, which established one of the iconic Kiss sounds.

He said, ” The result would be a large guitar sound with multiple voicings of the same chord. But certainly, a lot of that came from Paul, who is not given the attention and acclaim he deserves.”

Stanley Took Place in Many Kiss Songs

Although Stanley’s primary job in the band was as a rhythm guitarist, he performed on many songs with the responsibility of playing additional sections such as lead guitars, harmonies, and even solos.
He followed by listing the songs in which he appeared for different roles. Stanley demonstrates that his bandmate has been more than simply a rhythm guitarist.

He expressed, “Paul has never been just a rhythm player.” He’s also really good on lead guitar. Paul is playing lead guitar on ‘A World Without Heroes.’ Paul is playing harmony on the ‘Detroit Rock City’ solo. That’s Paul at the beginning of ‘C’mon & Love Me’. It was Paul who came up with the chordal intro on my song ‘Deuce.’ Without those chords opening the song, it simply wouldn’t have the same impact.”

Kiss is On Their Last Tour

Kiss has announced their retirement and is currently on their final tour. The band will wrap up their final tour dates in early December with a spectacular performance in New York City, where their rock career began.

Kiss began their farewell tour, ‘End Of The Road,’ in January 2019, however, it was forced to halt in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The tour was originally scheduled to end on July 17, 2021, in New York City, but it has now been extended until late 2023.

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