Gene Simmons named music fans as the ‘Villains’ of the industry

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, the iconic bassist of the legendary rock band Kiss, is no stranger to controversy. His outspoken nature and controversial remarks have often made headlines. This nature earned him a reputation for being one of the most controversial personalities in the world of rock music.

Compared to other outspoken rock stars like Ted Nugent, Simmons has made his mark with a wide range of controversial opinions that leave people shocked. Some of his remarks go beyond the usual head-scratching moments, leading to strong reactions from both fans and fellow musicians.

One notable instance of Simmons’ vocalness involved his comments about Geddy Lee, the bassist of the iconic band Rush. In 2021, Simmons claimed that during a backstage jam session with Lee, he asked him to play a blues scale. And Lee didn’t seem to understand the request. Simmons went as far as to suggest that Lee didn’t grasp fundamental concepts like the blues scale or the “1, 4, 5” chord progression. This statement raised eyebrows, as Geddy Lee is renowned for his exceptional bass-playing skills, far surpassing those of Simmons.

Another controversial statement from Simmons came in 2018 during a Q&A session in Adelaide. As part of his experience for “The Vault,” he referred to music fans as “villains” for their role in the decline of the music industry. He argued that fans were to blame for the difficulties new bands face in making it in the industry today. While Simmons was correct in highlighting the challenges the industry has faced, attributing the blame solely to fans seemed shortsighted. He expressed sorrow for the changing landscape. New bands struggle to gain recognition. He mentioned the enduring success of bands like the Foo Fighters, who started before the collapse of major record labels.

Simmons stated, “The fans are the villains because they’re the ones that won’t pay for it.” He contrasted this with pop, rap, country, and Western music, where fans continue to support their favorite artists by buying their music.

Gene Simmons controversial statements have certainly contributed to his ill fame in the world of rock music. His valid industry points, despite blaming fans for declining support for new bands, sparked mixed reactions. Whether you see him as a rock icon or a divisive figure, there’s no denying that Gene Simmons knows how to make headlines with his outspoken views.


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