Glenn Frey names the most important member of the Eagles

Glenn Frey

Being in a rock band is very similar to being married. Despite the difficulties that the musicians must face together, it is always about the compromises that result in classic songs. It was always about willing to adapt to the times to create something timeless. Eagles have benefited from having each member contribute their sonic flavor to the music. But Glenn Frey believes that one band member helped transform them from a typical rock outfit into one of the greatest bands of their generation.

When Frey first arrived in Los Angeles, he believed that folk music held the key to his future. Working as a duo with songwriter JD Souther, many of Frey’s early songs revolved around stereotypical folk tunes. This music fell in line with the country-rock movement happening with bands like The Byrds.

While Frey continued to pitch his demos to anyone who would listen, he eventually found work with Linda Ronstadt. With a lineup that included many Eagles members, Frey eventually persuaded Ronstadt to let them go solo. It resulted in the group’s first lineup of Don Henley, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon.

Each member of the band had their own set of influences. But they all had to meet a certain standard to remain in the band. On their debut, they relied heavily on their various collaborators for material. But it wasn’t until Glenn Frey and Henley began writing songs together that everything began to come together.

Working on songs like ‘Tequila Sunrise‘ and ‘Desperado‘, the duo formed a one-of-a-kind rock and roll partnership. They bounced ideas off each other until they found the perfect words to fit the melody. While Frey could write songs about being weary of life on the road, Henley added a serious edge to their music.

Aside from tales of rock and roll excess, songs like ‘Tequila Sunrise’ ‘ and ‘The Last Resort’ addressed grandiose topics about the human condition. Henley took a close look at how the world treated the environment and what this meant for future generations. That intense subject matter would continue into Henley’s solo career. There he wrote earnest love songs like “The Last Worthless Evening” and “The Heart of Matter.

During the band’s various reunions, Frey claimed that Henley was the ex-factor who brought the band’s songs to life. Instead of the typical love song formulas, Henley’s ability to turn a phrase into art helped them stand out from the radio-friendly rock and roll. It dominated the charts at the time.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Frey claimed that Henley’s voice as a writer was the reason for the band’s success. He said, “Don has an incredible ability to convey a message while also entertaining. That is such an important part of the band. You can’t just go tadummm – ‘We’re all going to hell in a Hummer. We stand out because we are not contrived in this way. Without Don, we’d only have love songs and harmonies. “We’d be Air Supply.”

Henley’s voice also became central to the band’s work, with a silky-smooth register that enticed fans to listen again and again. Frey may have originated the idea for the Eagles. But Henley was always the mastermind behind transforming their sweet ballads into rock and roll masterpieces.

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