Glenn Frey once picked the most painless Eagles album

Glenn Frey

Even though most of the Eagles‘ songs have an obvious happy, almost summery vibe to them, the dynamics behind the scenes were frequently anything but easy. As the band gained popularity and success, their relationships actually grew more strained. The animosity they created towards one another was a stark contrast. It was to the upbeat and appealing songs they wrote.

They did not employ this strategy with the same purpose or advantage as their peers, Fleetwood Mac. Instead, the band’s dynamics were severely damaged by the feuds and behind-the-scenes strife. It was almost to the point of entirely stopping the group’s progress. But they persevered, and the music barely reflected any of these irritating moments.

The band had undergone a number of changes by the time they started recording One of These Nights, their fourth album, in 1975. These changes had an impact on their sound and fundamental methods of operation. For example, Don Felder, who joined the band as their third guitarist, gave their sound a new rock dimension. His cutting and merciless licks were instrumental in shaping their evolving sound.

In addition, Glenn Frey and Don Henley took care of songwriting, compositions, and arrangements. They had established themselves as the group’s leaders. Although they had collaborated in some capacity on the prior albums, One of These Nights was the first time they fully utilised their partnership. Sometimes all it took to get Henley on the same page was to play a “little minor descending progression,” as Frey once explained.

As a matter of fact, this dynamic let the material flow naturally. The recordings pleased Glenn Frey so much that he considered it one of their best-ever projects. The artist stated in the liner notes of The Very Best Of that “many things came together on One Of These Nights.” They included their love of the studio and the dramatic improvement in Don’s and their songwriting.

There’s no doubt in my mind that One Of These Nights was the most fluid and painless album we ever made,” he said. Going on to talk about the album’s creation process, he described how smoothly things went. “On One Of These Nights, a lot of things came together,” the speaker continued. “Our love of the studio, the dramatic improvement in Don’s and my songwriting,” they elaborated.

Maybe that’s also the reason he called it “my favourite Eagles record.” Given the success and enduring appeal of some of their other albums, such as Hotel California. One Of These Nights most likely took precedence. It marked a significant shift in the band’s sound. The record may have been a more deliberate attempt to lean heavily into the mainstream. However, it was much closer to where they actually wanted to be and one step closer to proving “we can really rock“.

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