How Microsoft gave ‘The Rolling Stones’ new life?

The Rolling Stones

Among all The Rolling Stones catalogs, ‘Start Me Up’ is one of the most famous tracks.  The Rolling Stones track was a complete failure from 1978. But after 1995 the track found a second chance. In 1995, It took the lead when it was launched again.

The song was first built on Keith Richards‘s Rick. Mick Jagger was the one to provide the lyrics. “The funniest thing is that the song turned into a reggae song only after two attempts”, said Jagger. “Also, the track “Tatto You” was the only track that was a complete rock and roll. But, it went on a complete reggae form for another 20 takes. Everyone said” That’s the crappest thing we have ever heard of. Let’s not use the track.” And we decided to never go for take 2 which was the rock track.”

The demo version of “Take 2” as said by Jagger was online under the name ‘Never Stop’. Later the rock version went into archives. Richards said,” We only did a few overdubbing. The result was a hit only after our simple transformation.” Also, “Newsweek said that buying the classic hook characterized how Microsoft’s marketing method successfully turned a small tech issue into a big deal.” The song became a total hit with lots of claps and percussion and it was trending number one in the UK and US.

The song was already a part of the band’s setlist. It always satisfied the fans since 1981. However, When Microsoft used the song in 1995, it gained more popularity and reached to new audience. Microsoft used the commercial song for the new Windows 95 operating system. The company paid a total of $ 3 million to license the song. 

The update in the Operating System boosted the song again after its release. However, the only purpose of Microsoft was to use the song to make its software look more exciting.

Microsoft not only used the song of the band ‘The Rolling Stones for its launch but also featured popular actors Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston. The show where Matthew and Jennifer were featured was all about describing how two people used Microsoft Windows 95. They were personally invited to Bill Gates’ office to look around Windows 95 by themself. Microsoft used the best idea to promote its new windows. 


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