‘In My Life’: Who wrote the era-defining Beatles classic?

The Beatles

The question of who wrote the songs with Paul McCartney and John Lennon has always been up for discussion. Both songwriters had established a reputation for composing practically flawless rock and roll during their tenure with The Beatles. However, it was when they pushed beyond their typical mop-top arrangement that their different musical styles began to emerge. Lennon composed one of his most sentimental songs, “In My Life,” while McCartney gave the band’s most enduring melody, “Yesterday.”

However, it raises the question of who wrote the majority of the song. Even though the band members were typically recognized for taking the lead vocals on their songs, there has always been some disagreement over who actually wrote the lyrics and melody. This is because both men have claimed partial credit for them over the years.

When discussing the song’s origins, Lennon revealed that it started out as a sentimental tribute. He intended it to honor his time spent in Liverpool. “I had a complete set of lyrics after struggling with a journalistic vision of a trip from home to downtown on a bus naming every sight,” he said. It evolved into “In My Life,” a tribute to former lovers and friends. Paul provided musical assistance for the middle eight. But they composed, sealed, signed, and delivered every lyric.

However, McCartney states that he wrote almost all of the song’s melody, saying, “I remember writing the entire melody.” If you analyze it, it really does sound a lot like me. Clearly, I was working on lyrics. The structure of the melody is very me. I seem to remember telling John to just go get a cup of tea or something. Give me ten minutes by myself to work on this, and I’ll finish it.

Despite the fact that both writers created melodies, Lennon was credited with writing the majority of the music to the tune. NPR’s mathematical analysis of the song determined this credit. Even though McCartney thought he remembered it, the majority of the song’s chords are actually closer to what John Lennon had been using for most of his songs. He first used this type of chord progression on songs like “If I Fell” from A Hard Day’s Night.

Lennon would modify the chord sequence in “Woman,” the track from his solo album Double Fantasy. Even though Lennon and McCartney are credited with writing the song, the other Beatles contributed to some of the instrumental thrives that made the song famous.

George Harrison’s beautiful melody in between the verses is one of the song’s main draws. Even though it sounds just as good with chords and a vocal melody. A special mention should go to their producer, George Martin, for his piano arrangement, which gave the song a baroque feel that complemented the melancholy lyrics.

‘In My Life’ is an example of both McCartney and Lennon at the height of their creative powers. Despite their bitter disagreements about who should own the song, it remains a testament to their musical brilliance. Even though they have split up more frequently over the years, the song’s quality is evident in the songwriters’ intense emotional attachment to the finished version.





















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