John Corabi On Why Rock Fans Don’t Trust The Music Industry.

John Corabi

John Corabi, an American singer and guitarist, talked in an interview with Audio Ink Radio. He expressed his feelings on why rock fans have lost trust in the music industry. He also talked about the current situation of rock concerts.

To the question of whether people still love live music, as live music was absent during the pandemic. Corabi explained, “ The funniest thing is that even my single song overall the world has been hit or miss. Either the show is full of people or just a few amount of people out there. The new version of COVID has influenced music a lot. And that Sht is still going on the news and everywhere. Also, I guess you are looking for people who are just comfortable in this situation sitting on the couch and they be like, ‘Fck I don’t wanna go out and socialize anymore.’”

Corabi extended the effect of COVID on live shows, “ Some of the companies that were doing big concerts like Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett extravaganza has to postpone their concert for more than two years. They got a lot of complaints from their fan who had purchased their ticket in advance. Because of COVID, Live Nation only gave a certain time to refund the ticket, and if you miss the chance you can’t get your money back.”

Furthermore, He put down his words about the changing attitude of concert-goers, “Nowadays fans are not buying tickets in advance like they used to do. They just wait till the last minute and buy their ticket on the day of the show.”

John Corabi even expressed his thoughts on how people take music nowadays. He thinks that TikTok and other live streaming are being popular nowadays and people are more concerned about it. He even explained how actors are facing challenges with platforms like Netflix and Paramount Plus. The viewership has become very complex due to technology. Even though technology has a lot of benefits, he thinks that it is causing an adverse effect as well. 

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