John Lydon called Nirvana song as “one of pop’s all-time greatest”

John lydon

John Lydon, the former frontman of the Sex Pistols, is known for his punk pioneer status. But he has a more diverse taste in music than you might think. Despite his wide-ranging musical interests, Lydon’s deep knowledge lies in punk and its related genres. This is due to his groundbreaking role in the punk movement.

In a recent exclusive interview with Far Out, the vocal John Lydon once again stated that punk originated in the UK, not America. He dismissed the notion that New York punk was the sole source. He said, “Now, an awful lot of American journalism is saying that New York punk is where it all comes from. Oh, go fu*k yourselves; it is talking shit. I was brought up in Britain.”

Lydon emphasized the diverse musical influences that shaped his own punk journey, listing artists like Mud, The Sweet, T. Rex, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and others. His eclectic taste was a departure from the conventional punk narrative.

His tendency to go against the norms has marked Lydon’s career. Whether he was challenging the establishment as a punk icon or embarking on a series of controversial adventures. This is the same man who likened former US President Donald Trump to the “Sex Pistols of politics.”

Despite his confrontational moments, Lydon has also displayed moments of insight over the years. He is a complex and contradictory character, which has made him a captivating figure in the music industry. In a 2020 interview with Pitchfork, Lydon surprised many by praising grunge pioneers Nirvana and even calling one of their songs “one of pop music’s all-time greatest.”

Lydon recalled his initial reaction to Nirvana’s album title “Nevermind” and his eventual appreciation for the iconic track “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. He noted that the song left a lasting impact on him. However, he also mentioned that Nirvana’s music took a darker turn, which he found depressing. He claimed to have sensed Kurt Cobain’s tragic fate before it happened.

John Lydon’s music journey has marked his denial to conform to expectations. And his ability to appreciate a wide range of music, even as he remains a central figure in the punk scene.

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