John Lydon on the band that “should never have existed”

John lydon

If culture had developed as Frank Zappa wished, he wouldn’t have pursued a music career after the release of Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’. Dylan’s classic would have already fulfilled all his artistic aspirations. John Lydon has a similar complaint about a band that, in his opinion, should never have been on the scene in the first place, but life didn’t work out that way.

Speaking with us recently, the frontman of Sex Pistols summed up perfectly what he believes has plagued modern music since the punk revolution. He answers right away, “Corporate thinking.” “Record labels are basically a committee death.”

He goes on: “They decide what blah-blah-band should be doing for the next ‘hit’ single at their little committee meetings, or rather, BIG committee meetings, right? It’s risky to try to make your way through this world. People have always said that I’m “difficult to work with”. Sure, of course I am!”. He exclaimed with pride, giving the camera a slight sneer.

John Lydon continues, “Neither I nor my fellow PiL cohorts will be dictated to now.” This is the experience we have lived. Furthermore, without our consent, we won’t allow someone to misinterpret that on our behalf. It’s a foolish trap. The promise, of course, is instantaneous wealth, fame and fortune. Well, from the beginning, I preferred fame. And it turned out to be the simpler route. Because I know that I haven’t lied to anyone when I wake up in the morning. It’s amazing.

And he believes that U2 is a band that has achieved enormous success without any prior life experience at all. Simply put, the grovelling punk told the Daily Star, “U2 is a band that never should have been”. Their songs don’t contain any real-life experiences. He feels that the group is a band that naturally fits the corporate mould and doesn’t even need to be prodded into it.

He has continued to give the Irish band his all ever since. In a Creem interview, he continued his tirade against the band by saying, “It’s absolutely absurd that I don’t understand U2 either.

Especially tunes like “Bullet The Blue Sky,” which is practically an exact copy of one of PIL’s songs! incredibly irksome

Noting: “In actuality, the rhythm guitars incorporate a number of Public Image concepts. The fact that they steal without even nodding or winking at their sources makes it incredible. They are too priggish for that. It’s decadent of these god-worshippers to pilfer from the devil in human form! Furthermore, they lack genuine courage. The sad thing is that they’re all such milksops.

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