Metallica Fans Share Their Memorable Meetings with the Band

Metallica Fans

Fans meeting their favorite musicians is a moment. They will value it for a lifetime, irrespective of whether the meeting is positive or negative. On Reddit, some Metallica fans have shared their incident with the band members, and the majority of these experiences emerged to be positive.

In the past few weeks, two specific posts have appeared on the band’s Reddit page where users solicited Metallica fans to share their meetings with the band members. These posts are intended to provide a platform for others to read about these experiences. Some fans narrated stories of meeting the musicians during scheduled meet and greets. While others described chance meeting up with the band members in public places or at different concerts.

In one of the posts, the top comment came from Metallica fans who claimed that they experienced James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, and Robert Trujillo.


“In 2013, I had a chance meeting with James almost by incident at a Kvelertak show in San Francisco, right on the edge of the pit. He was in the front row, watching the show, so I made an effort not to disturb him extremely. I approached him during a break between songs. I expressed that Metallica had a significant impact on my life. It was the driving force behind my decision to become a musician. He shook my hand and kindly agreed to a quick photo, which I previously shared in this subreddit,” they wrote, also mentioning their positive interactions with the other three rockers.

Another fan mentioned that they encountered Hetfield at one of the Big 4 shows in 2011, and questioned about the potential releases of the songs on the Beyond Magnetic EP. A few months later, the EP came.

“So, I like to consider that I played a role in bringing about its release by the end of that year,” they said.

Back in ’97, I met Jason through the MetClub. I acknowledged him and asked about his wellness as he autographed my AJFA. He responded, ‘Not great, man.’ Unsure of how to react, I remained silent, causing an uncomfortable moment,” shared another fan.

A fan who conveyed a desire to meet Hetfield, in particular, posted the latest thread yesterday (Oct. 1). They said that they have never had the opportunity to meet any members of Metallica.

In response, someone commented, “I used to frequently meet James and his family when he lived in Novato, California. He always emerged to be a sincerely good-hearted person, taking the time to be involved in conversations. And take photos with fans. From my point of view, my approach to celebrities is to offer a friendly head nod. And a smile, acknowledging that I recognize them but choosing not to invade.”

One fan asserted they got the opportunity to jam with Ron McGovney, who played bass in Metallica for a little over a year from late 1981 until late ’82.

 “After leaving Metallica, Ron moved to a town nearly two hours from my location. I’d prefer not to share too many details. But, notably, he lives quite near the beach, a place I visit many times a year. Last year, I happened to be at a bar wearing Metallica board shorts and a Kill ‘Em All shirt. While I was there, I noticed him sitting in the corner, enjoying a Jack and Coke.”


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