Mick Jagger on the worst band he’s “ever f**king heard”

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones aren’t far from being the pioneers of slagging off rival artists. They see the pastime as a form of countercultural public relations. Mick Jagger has praised Jimi Hendrix, The Strokes, and The Hives. He has mostly been a growling critic of those who have dared to step on his turf.

This was especially evident when punk rose to prominence and threatened to strangle the existing classic rock coterie. For years, The Rolling Stones had meticulously honed their image as the most aggressive band around. “No matter what Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious do. They can’t be more disgusting than The Rolling Stones are in an orgy of biting”. A 34-year-old Mick Jagger said in Interview, like a kid in a playground caught up in a silly dad is harder than your dad’ contest.

He was riled. He was so enraged that he would get the wrong end of the incendiary stick that was beating the mainstream. And he would say things he would later regret, such as his unfortunate NBC News comment. “The next [album] is going to be more racist, more sexist, and a whole bunch better.

Punk was more than just vitriol and violence, but Jagger was willing to confront them. Regarding their encounters, the gyrating frontman remarked, “They’ve stopped short of violence.” I think even Sid Vicious is a nice guy, but Johnny Rotten keeps talking bad about me.”Then the threat came: “Someone will kick in his rotten teeth one day.”

However, he at least partially credited the music of the Sex Pistols. It was with Keith Richards recalling that a rattled Jagger suggested they try to imitate them in some way to stay relevant. That goes beyond his thoughts on The Stranglers. Ironically, the band was one of the few punk rock acts with genuinely first-rate musicianship. As a result, they produced numerous masterpieces as well as thrilling live performances.

Regardless, Jagger wasn’t having it. In 1977, the outraged frontman declared, “Don’t you think the Stranglers are the worst thing you’ve ever fucking heard?” I do. “They’re hideous and rubbishy,” he said. He continued his cutting diatribe in the NME by saying, “So bloody stupid. They’re disgusting.

However, this only served to fuel the band. Jean-Jacques Burnel claimed that the band “thrived on being disliked.” He told Radio Times, “If gigs didn’t end in a riot, or if the audience didn’t boo us off stage, it wasn’t good.”

With this mindset, they were able to make a significant impact. The fact that an incarnation of the band is still touring is proof of their enduring popularity. But perhaps a more surprising measure of their magnitude is that they sold 40 million records during their peak.

With this significant victory against their name, Burnel even manages to direct some vengeance at Jagger. “[40 million] is more than the Clash or the Sex Pistols, which is impressive for an edgy band. It’s less than U2, but they’re boring and arrogant. The Rolling Stones were great for the first ten years but haven’t done much since. I’m trying to be sentient and valid, not stuck in the past.”

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  1. 1978 I was living in Jersey full time then yes I remember them well gooddays I liked the strangles and still do to this day

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