Mick Jagger Takes McCartney’s Beatles Claim in Stride

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger has reacted once again to Paul McCartney’s 2020 claim that the Beatles were “better” than the Rolling Stones. McCartney’s statement three years ago ignited a friendly rivalry between the legendary bands.

In 2020, McCartney stated that the Beatles were better than the Rolling Stones due to their broader inspirations and creativity. He mentioned, “There’s a lot of differences, and I love the Stones, but I’m with you. The Beatles were better.”

At the time, Jagger took a light-hearted approach to these comments, responding that McCartney was a “sweetheart” and that there was no real competition between the two bands.

Mick Jagger described on the perceived differences, emphasizing the Rolling Stones’ extensive touring history compared to the Beatles. He explained that the Stones became a significant concert band while the Beatles had already disbanded before embarking on extensive arena tours.

In a recent interview promoting the Rolling Stones’ upcoming album, “Hackney Diamonds,” Jagger revisited McCartney’s comments. He recalled McCartney’s claim that the Stones were a “blues cover band” and humorously noted that the Beatles were initially the same. Jagger even texted McCartney to express his gratitude for providing him with comedic material.

Beyond the banter, McCartney contributed his musical talents to the Rolling Stones’ forthcoming record by playing bass guitar on the track “Bite My Head Off.” The album also collaborates with other music icons like Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Stevie Wonder.

The two iconic bands continue to maintain a respectful and friendly relationship, delighting fans with their music and camaraderie.

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