Ozzy Osbourne reveals he might never perform again

Ozzy osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, the former frontman of Black Sabbath, has stated that he would never play live again after going through numerous medical procedures and a protracted illness.

This follows the news in September that the metal icon had undergone more surgery on his spine, following a fall in 2019, which affected the injuries incurred during his 2003 quad bike accident. However, Osbourne did remark at the time that he was “too proud” to perform live again and hoped to return as soon as possible.

Osbourne has since stated that, while he intends to perform again in the future, he may have to “accept the fact” that this may not be the case in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Ozzy Osbourne remarked, “I’m taking it day by day and will perform again if I can.” However, it’s been like saying farewell to the greatest partnership of my life. When I first became ill and stopped touring, I was furious at the world, the doctors, and myself. But as time has passed, I’ve realized that—well—maybe I need to accept that truth.

“I’m not going to get up there and do a half-hearted Ozzy looking for sympathy,” the metal musician went on. What the hell is the point of that? I refuse to ride up there in a wheelchair. Phil Collins, who I recently saw perform, and I almost have identical issues. He uses a wheelchair to go up there! I was unable to achieve it, though.

Osbourne clarified that he never got to say goodbye or express his gratitude to his followers, which is one of his biggest regrets. “They’ve been loyal to me for fucking years,” he clarified.  They write to me with good knowledge about my dogs. They’re my extended family, and they’re the reason we lead the life we do. That’s what I want to strive toward, for whatever reason.

“If I can’t continue doing shows regularly, I just want to be well enough to do one show. I will be that well where I can say, ‘Hi guys, thanks so much for my life'”. The “Prince of Darkness” declared in his conclusion. That’s my goal, and even if I don’t make it, I’ll be content when I pass away.

Osbourne’s most recent remarks are in line with those of his son Jack, who expressed doubt about his father’s ability to perform again earlier in November. He declared, “I don’t think he’ll tour again.” However, he is aiming to perform in one-off events like gigs and festivals. He has not finished yet.

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