Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Record His Final Studio Album In 2024

Ozzy osbourne

In a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Ozzy Osbourne shared that he’s gearing up to start working on a fresh album. The good news is he plans to begin recording it in early 2024.

Osbourne says that he’s already completed two albums recently and is eager to produce another one before touring. In Ozzy fashion, he explained that his creative inspiration was ‘burning brightly,’ with plans to hit the studio in the early months of the year. It’s easy to say that Ozzy’s commitment and sheer dedication to this project is remarkable.

Earlier this month, the artist underwent surgery to address spinal injuries stemming from a 2019 accident. He had previously indicated that this would be his final surgery.

Ozzy shared, “Tomorrow marks my last neck operation. I’ve reached my limit, and regardless of the post-surgery outcome, I won’t be undergoing this procedure again. I’m calling it quits.”

During his conversation with Metal Hammer, Ozzy Osbourne provided updates on his health, mentioning that he’s “managing okay.” He admitted that he had hoped for a quicker recovery. However, coping with his health’s continuous ups and downs has been challenging for the rockstar.

While he still experiences limited mobility, he’s grateful to be pain-free and considers the spinal surgery successful. In the summer, the legend had to withdraw from headlining the Power Trip festival. He was set to perform alongside giants like Metallica, AC/DC, and Guns N’ Roses.

Last year, he managed to hold two brief live performances, one in Birmingham and another in L.A., with support in place to ensure his well-being. Reflecting on the Birmingham concert in an interview with Rolling Stone, he shared how transformative that moment was for him.

He had previously thought he had retired from the stage for a three-year span. However, the excitement and energy of performing live reignited his passion to return to the spotlight.

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