PARADISE LOST to re-record ‘Icon’ album for 30th anniversary.

paradise lost

Paradise Lost, a British gothic metal pioneer, finally completed re-recording their fourth album, “ICON”. They decided to record the album to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The album will consist of “an extra special vinyl” version. This album will be available on December 1.

Paradise Lost shared on social media, “Our first album Icon was released in 1993. On its 30th anniversary, we are re-recording the album and we are doing an extra special vinyl release. That’s the only thing we can talk about right now, but watch this space for more information.” In addition to that they said, “More special declarations are yet to come.”

“Icon” track songs are:

  1. Embers Fire
  2. Remembrance
  3. Forging Sympathy
  4. Joys Of The Emptiness
  5. Dying Freedom
  6. Widow
  7. Colossal Rains
  8. Weeping Words
  9. Poison
  10. True Belief
  11. Shallow Seasons
  12. Christendom
  13. Deus Misereatur

“Icon” marked a departure from the death-doom sound of PARADISE LOST‘s early work and was the last album to feature Matthew Archer on drums.

Nick Holmes, the frontman of Paradise Lost said,” The contract we signed for the album “ICON” never gave us the rights for our artwork. However, we decided to redo the album ourselves on its 30th anniversary. Re-recording the album also brought the feeling of the old days. We were able to listen to our song once again. Nothing can replace the originality of the song since they are the most important part of our life.”

The album’s opening track “Ember’s Fire” won an MTV Headbanger’s Ball viewers award. Meanwhile, the award was for best heavy metal video of the year.

In the year 2022, Waltteri Väyrynen drummer of Paradise Lost left the band to join OPETH. During that time he said that his choice didn’t involve any bad terms with the band members.

In March, they officially introduced Guido Zima Montanarini as their drummer.

Paradise Lost released their latest album “Obsidian” in May 2020 and it was released through Nuclear Blast.

In addition, the band will now start “Icon” in December on a 30th-anniversary tour of Europe.

The band was first formed in 1988 in Halifax, West Yorkshire. During that time, they never thought they would be stars in metal glory but they shined from the shadow and infiltrated the U.K. 

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