Paul McCartney On Why He Didn’t Want To Start A Band With Eric Clapton

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, the Beatles’ bassist, has worked with Eric Clapton several times and considered creating a band with him before deciding not to.

In a new interview with Mojo4Music, the bassist remembered his first days after The Beatles’ disbandment and the options he had when it appeared that his music career was over:

“After The Beatles ended, I was presented with several options. One option was to abandon music totally and do God knows what. Another option was to form a supergroup with well-known musicians such as Eric Clapton. I didn’t like either, so I wondered, “How did The Beatles start?” It was a group of friends who didn’t know what they were doing.”

He had one more alternative. He continued:

“That’s when I realized there might be a third option: join a band that isn’t too well-known, and don’t worry if we don’t know what we’re doing since we’ll shape our character as we go. It was an actual act of faith. “It was crazy.”

Paul McCartney and Clapton’s Companionship

Clapton’s first interaction with The Beatles was in December 1964, while he was still performing with The Yardbirds. As the opening act for The Fab Four’s Christmas Show at London’s Hammersmith Odeon, Clapton’s relationship with the band grew stronger, embracing both professional and personal aspects.

Their seamless performance stunned Clapton, even raising a hint of suspicion about their true intentions. However, he later conceded that his original mistrust was incorrect.

After his predictions, the two became friends and collaborated on various projects, including McCartney’sMy Valentine‘ and a tribute to George Harrison at the Royal Albert Hall in London on November 29, 2002.

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