Paul McCartney Sends A Public Message To Bob Dylan

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney recently answered 23 questions from his official fan group on Facebook. In one of his responses, he publicly thanked Bob Dylan.

The iconic Beatles was questioned by a fan named Vonnie:

“Would you like to sing a duet with anyone else?”

In response, the singer sent Dylan the following message:

It’s not sure if we’ll ever get around to it, but Bob Dylan keeps coming up in my thoughts.”

McCartney Reflects On The ‘Got Back’ Tour

McCartney also discussed his “Got Back” tour, which began in April 2022 and ran through 2023, during the Q&A period. When asked what his favorite thing from 2023 was, the artist replied:

The tour called “Got Back”

Paul was asked by a fan which song from his “Got Back” tour he most enjoys performing. In response, the rocker said:

It fluctuates. Most likely to hear “Hey Jude,” simply to witness thousands of people harmonizing with one another through song.

Paul’s Musical Adaptation Of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

Additionally, Paul McCartney has been working on a musical version of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” for a while. He is working with producer Bill Kenwright and Lee Hall from “Billy Elliot: The Musical.” For the musical, McCartney has already written more than ten songs.

The singer was also asked if the songs he wrote for “It’s A Wonderful Life” would ever be available for public listening. He answered by saying:

Yes, that’s what I hope! Musicals are hard to put together, but it seems like it’s coming together at last. So maybe you will be able to hear the songs.

In a 2019 statement regarding the musical’s origins, Paul also mentioned the following:

I had never been particularly drawn to the idea of writing a musical. However, after talking with Lee Hall when Bill and I met, I thought this might be interesting and enjoyable.

In a 2007 Rolling Stone interview, Dylan expressed admiration for McCartney despite the fact that they haven’t collaborated. Noting Paul’s effortless ability in music, Dylan praised his melodic talent, rhythm, instrumental skills, and vocal range. McCartney was open about his admiration for Dylan back in 1966, especially when it came to his appreciation of the poet’s use of language in his lyrics.

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