Paul Stanley Names The Worst Two Records KISS Ever Made


KISS artist Paul Stanley recently gave Classic Rock an assessment of the band’s discography. He named two specific albums as their least successful efforts.

When asked, He said, “There are two of them: ‘Unmasked’ and ‘Music From The Elder.'” ‘Unmasked’ was a tepid film with no guts. The band probably didn’t have any balls at the time. “‘The Elder’ was a misguided attempt to impress people we shouldn’t have been trying to impress, the critics while forgetting the people we should have been impressing, the fans.”

Gene Simmons Agrees With Ace Frehley On ‘The Elder’ Criticism

Gene Simmons dislikes the ‘Music From “The Elder“‘ album as well. He believes they did it for the wrong reasons, as Paul Stanley stated. Despite their long feud, he agreed with Ace Frehley’s criticism of ‘Music From ‘The Elder’ in 2022. In an interview with Guitar World, Simmons reflected on the album’s polarizing style, which caused sales to plummet. He admitted that Frehley was correct when he said that KISS should have focused on making a rock record rather than ‘The Elder.’

He stated, “In retrospect, despite his demons, Ace was correct in some ways.” We did need to make a rock record, as he had always said. Ace had stated that ‘The Elder’ was not the record for Kiss, and he was correct. But the thing is, we had people telling us it was a good idea, and things didn’t go as planned. We got sidetracked.”

He concluded by stating that, while he was correct in his criticism of the album, Frehley was incorrect in his decision to leave the band at the time.

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  1. kiss made better than average music the original guys,turned into absolute crap without them.

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