Rush Almost Hired A New Drummer After Neil Peart


Geddy Lee recently spoke with CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent Jim Axelrod about Rush’s search for a new drummer after Neil Peart’s departure.

Alex Lifeson was also present during Lee’s interview. In the aftermath of Peart’s death, the guitarist spoke about what the future holds for him and Geddy, saying, “Yeah, it’s difficult to figure out what that chapter is without him.”

Touring With A New Drummer

In response to a question about whether he and Alex had considered collaborating with a top drummer for a new tour, Geddy said, “We haven’t decided yet.”

“Have we discussed it? Yeah. It’s not impossible, but I can’t guarantee it at this time.”

Lifeson’s Positive Outlook On Continuing

Lifeson came in, indicating his approval for a possible tour, “It’s just not in our DNA to stop.

Reflecting on staying true to oneself and one’s artistic vision, the rocker added, “Do what you believe because if you do what others believe and fail, you have nothing.” If you do what you believe and fail, there is still hope.”

Hints At A Possible Rush Reunion

Lee told the Washington Post last month that he was looking forward to reuniting with Lifeson. The rocker elaborated, “It was a taboo subject, and playing those songs with a third person was the elephant in the room, and that kind of disappeared.” It was nice to know that if Alex and I decided to go out, whether as part of a new thing or just to go out and play Rush as Rush, we could do so now.”

Chad Smith’s View On A Potential Rush Reunion

In an August interview with Danny Wimmer, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers mentioned the issue while discussing his experience performing with Lee and Lifeson at a tribute concert for Taylor Hawkins in Los Angeles.

During this conversation, the drummer expressed optimism about a Rush reunion, mentioning, “I think doing this Taylor [Hawkins] thing again has kind of rejuvenated them [Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson], ‘Maybe we can do it?'” Because Neil [Peart] left such a huge void, there is no way to replace him. He’s been with them for 40 years or so.”

Geddy previously told Long Island Weekly about rediscovering a couple of songs from his 2000 solo album ‘My Favourite Headache.’ This experience revived his interest in studio work. Lee expressed a desire to revisit these songs and possibly collaborate on new music with Lifeson.

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