Slash named his greatest weakness as a guitarist


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is renowned for being among the best guitarists of all time. He combines natural skill with unbridled passion in his unique hard-rock sound. The self-taught athlete has, nevertheless, always been honest about the limitations of his skill.

Slash has always been one of the friendlier rock stars. Whether it’s by freely talking about the people who inspire him or by stating that he took up the instrument rather late. Despite the rock ‘n’ roll, drugs, and sex associated with his band’s name, his outlook is completely different.

In 2018, Slash had one of the most insightful interviews with Music Radar. Slash discussed the benefits of practicing his craft and disclosed his biggest shortcomings as a guitarist during the talk.

The guitarist abruptly cut him off when he was asked, “What about practice regimens, being such an accomplished…”? He laughed, “That’s bullshit! I’m trying to keep this shit going, so I’m always playing my guitar. I’m not sure what the topic of your inquiry was, but there’s no feeling of success. I can only feel secure and at ease in my work if I play nonstop. You have to play nonstop. I become insecure as a guitarist if I don’t play for a long period.

When asked what his biggest flaw was as a guitarist, Slash pointed to rhythm as the primary problem before encouraging aspiring musicians to focus on strengthening their weaknesses. “Playing rhythm is one of the main ones,” he stated. Before a show, I rehearse certain things; I try not to do anything too crazy and just relax for the first twenty minutes. I believe it’s critical to keep in mind that those strategies are fundamental to my style of play. The guitarist went on, “I might play any number of songs because you don’t want to be stiff when it comes to those right-hand patterns. “Pinball Wizard” is consistently a fun one!

“After that, for lead material, I might look for things that move up and around the neck, just random patterns that sound interesting that I’ve picked up from other players,” he said. Before you go outside and play, you need to figure out what helps you do whatever it is that you do. Try to concentrate on your shortcomings rather than rules or anything else.

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