The AC/DC song Brian Johnson said “had everything”


Despite their difficulty in receiving criticism, people still attempt to criticize AC/DC. The trio is frequently criticized for the lack of complexity in much of their music, with purists taking offense at the three-chord arrangement and saying it’s not complex enough.

It would be incorrect to imply that the fact that AC/DC follows a relatively simple arrangement with their music is a barrier, even though there may be some truth to this. In a song, having a few chords at the center is like having a level surface to build upon. It’s not difficult to create something fresh and exciting with music, as AC/DC has always accomplished with their sound.

Their tracks feature a wide variety of musical elements that give listeners a great deal of excitement. The song could unleash a jaw-dropping solo, pepper its chords with entertaining licks, weave an enthralling vocal rhythm, or engage in a call-and-response, or even mix and match for an electrifying experience.

Their tracks feature a wide variety of musical elements that give listeners a great deal of excitement. The song throws in a jaw-dropping solo and playful licks between its chord progressions, crafting a thrilling musical journey.
An enthralling vocal rhythm or call-and-response adds further depth and excitement.

Combining all those various components into one song could get confusing and sound like the band needs to be attempting harder to put something out there, creating a jumble of overused rock cliches in the process. Nevertheless, they managed to incorporate all of those different elements into one song without mixing it. conversely, it’s possibly among the band’s best songs.

During an interview, Brian Johnson admitted the difficulty of forecasting a song’s reception among listeners.
But as soon as he heard “Thunderstruck,” he realized they had a hit. And he was right. When that song begins to play, who among us doesn’t get excited?

I heard that guitar that Angus had put on, this was the charge and start,” Johnson remarked. “I knew, from the get-go, that this was going to be fabulous.” When it was all over, the “ah, aaaahhhh…” “I was caught in the middle,” they said, letting me go after that. Of course, after all of that, you get a “thunder”! It had everything!

The world instantly embraced the song as it hit the airwaves. The Razors Edge marked a mild comeback for the band, overcoming a creative block experienced in previous albums.

It has a cost though, as the song’s complexity makes it difficult to perform live. Angus Young, the legendary guitarist, has acknowledged that “Thunderstruck” is one of the songs he is most anxious to perform. The song’s difficulty and constant focus make it a challenging yet thrilling experience for him.

Despite having a tendency toward simpler chord structures, AC/DC uses this simplicity to create intricate and thrilling songs. “Thunderstruck” is a band and fan favorite because it genuinely has it all, unlike other songs that have unique elements that set them apart.

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