The artist Elton John claims “no one can sing like”

elton john

Any great song is only as good as the singer. No matter how much melodic brilliance is put into the melody or counterpoint with the instruments, it takes the right singer’s voice to transform a song from a melodic exercise into a musical masterpiece every time they play it. Elton John claims to have several different voices when singing his classics. He considered one of his fellow pianists to be one of the greatest singers of all time.

Elton John, on the other hand, never declared his desire to be a singer. John was more interested in a career as a songwriter when he was working on his first few tracks. He was writing various pieces of music that would then be sent off to various performers to become worldwide hits.

When he couldn’t find a publisher for his songs, John got the chance when he teamed up with Bernie Taupin. Taupin and John would become creative soulmates. Taupin’s lyrics provide the perfect foundation for John’s melodies on ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road‘ or standalone stories on ‘Levon‘.

When John got his hands on the song, he changed the lyrics into something new. Having grown accustomed to playing classical pieces when he studied at university, John would put the same type of musical sophistication into his melodies. He included massive musical inventions on tracks like ‘The Greatest Discovery‘.

Although John did not consider himself a singer, his voice would become a key component of his sound. He was singing more tongue-in-cheek songs like ‘Crocodile Rock. John’s slightly nasal delivery and the amount of soul he crammed into a few minutes on each song was enough to resonate with millions around the world.

However, when it came to personal favorites, John claimed to be living in the shadow of Stevie Wonder. Wonder’s post-Motown career would blossom into the most creative run of albums of the 1970s. Capping off with the double album Songs in the Key of Life, after tearing up the charts in America as one of Motown’s first great success stories.

John praised Wonder’s approach to music and said of his voice. “Along with Ray Charles, he’s the greatest R&B singer who ever lived,” according to Rolling Stone. Nobody can sing like him. I know because I recorded a version of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ when I was younger. I had to squeeze my balls to get those high notes.”

When listening to Wonder’s deep cuts, the true power of each of his songs comes from the power of his voice. From slick ballads like ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life‘ to the true grit of ‘Living For The City‘. Wonder’s voice has a variety of personalities. It ranges from a peaceful croon to a nasty growl depending on the song.

More than anything, John recognized Wonder’s musical sophistication, adapting jazz, classical, rock, and R&B sounds and putting them all under one roof. For most artists who have had different genres thrust upon them. But Wonder has the potential to go into any genre of music and wipe the floor with anyone in his path.

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