The band Angus Young called “a poor man’s Led Zeppelin”

Angus young

Angus Young, the accomplished guitarist of AC/DC, stands proudly among the legends of rock music, drawing inspiration from Chuck Berry and Little Richard while infusing their energy with the power of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. This fusion has allowed him to carve out a distinctive style, making AC/DC appealing to both avid guitar music enthusiasts and the broader audience.

With Young’s exceptional guitar skills, songs like ‘Thunderstruck,’ ‘T.N.T.,’ and ‘Back in Black’ propelled AC/DC to become one of the most influential rock bands, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture. Their potent blend of blues, rock, and metal has filled stadiums worldwide for decades, solidifying their status as rock icons.

Beyond his musical prowess, Angus Young is known for his individualistic character, showcased in interviews where he fearlessly shares his opinions, even about his prominent peers. In a notorious 2019 interview with Classic Rock, Young criticized The Rolling Stones for veering into soul music, suggesting they stick to their rock ‘n’ roll roots. He remarked, “Leave that to the people who do it best, the black people. If the Stones played what they do best, they’d be a helluva lot better, and they’d probably find themselves at ease.”

This outspoken nature isn’t reserved for The Rolling Stones alone. In a 1984 interview with Guitar World, during AC/DC’s peak with albums like ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Back in Black,’ Young expressed a strong dislike for Deep Purple. He openly stated that he “hated” them and similar bands, describing Deep Purple as nothing more than “a poor man’s Led Zeppelin.”

“I saw Deep Purple live once, and I paid money for it, and I thought, ‘Geez, this is ridiculous.’ You just see through all that sort of stuff. I never liked those Deep Purples or those sort of things. I always hated it. So I always thought it was a poor man’s Led Zeppelin,” Young candidly shared with the publication.

Angus Young’s unapologetic approach, both in his music and opinions, contributes to his unique presence in the rock music landscape, solidifying his place among the greats.

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