The band Kurt Cobain called “an untalented piece of shit”

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was unwilling to participate in the standard music industry games when Nirvana became popular. He probably liked the idea of making music that millions of people could relate to, but he wasn’t ready to shoulder the burden that came with it. He frequently express his opinions during interviews. Cobain wasn’t afraid to speak his mind when he thought a band was bad. Even though he was usually calm off stage.

Guns N’ Roses would have to be the one band that Kurt Cobain was not into. Cobain, who started a feud with the hard rock group after turning down their invitation to tour, was never shy about his distaste for the Los Angeles-based group. He believed that their music was the most misogynistic rock that the world had ever heard.

Not that Cobain wasn’t a fan of classic hard rock, though. Apart from the diverse punk records he discovered during his adolescence, the youthful composer was also well-known for being a passionate enthusiast of hard rock music. Citing albums by artists such as Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin as his all-time favourites.

Los Angeles was gradually producing a different kind of music, even though Zeppelin and Aerosmith may have pushed the limits of how much fun hard rock could be. Hair metal had only recently begun to gain traction with the release of Van Halen’s debut album. However, a performer from across the globe would be required to take the genre to new heights.

Taking the glam metal wave as far as it would go with hits like “Livin on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead or Alive,” Bon Jovi rode out of New Jersey to become one of the biggest rock success stories of the 1980s. But once bands like Pearl Jam began to dominate the world, Jon Bon Jovi realised, like all hair metal performers, that he needed a new look.

Redefining themselves as a darker band than before, Bon Jovi had repositioned themselves as a rootsy rocker with albums like Keep the Faith. The new direction focused on songs that dealt with serious topics instead of having fun all night. Though many hair metal bands adopted their style, Cobain recognised the shallowness of the hair metal hangers-on.

In an interview, Dave Grohl revealed details of a conversation he had with the hair metal icon. Telling him he wanted to look like the Seattle scene, dressed in flannel. Cobain said, “It just proves he’s a desperate, untalented piece of shit,” in response to a question about his opinion. Maybe one of the most charming people on the planet is Bon Jovi. Even though I don’t want to bother voicing those kinds of opinions, his music sucks.

He was in no way competing with the last gasps of the hair metal movement. Even though Cobain wanted to steer clear of any rock band drama at the time. Fans were searching for something with more substance after hearing for years to party all night. And in Nirvana, they had found the leaders of the next generation of hard rock.






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