The Beatles classic that Stevie Nicks called “the perfect song”

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks has already written several iconic tunes. When looking over Nick’s old catalog, it’s easy to see a picture, such as a woman discussing the fleeting essence of time on ‘Landslide‘.  Additionally, her catalog includes emotional homage offered to her family members on ‘Edge of Seventeen‘. However, Nicks has always held a high regard for previous generations of talent.

Long before she became a member of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks was a child of her influences. She moved in with Lindsey Buckingham after relocating to California to record her debut album. Although she made ends meet cleaning for her producer during Buckingham Nicks, Nicks always had her music to fall back on.

Nicks has long praised The Beatles as one of her greatest influences. When she started writing melodies, the singer believed The Beatles’ work wasn’t too out of reach for her. She told Rolling Stone, “I was just starting to play the guitar, but I knew I was going to be a composer.” I would sit on my bed and memorize all these songs, not with the wonderful chords they used, but I could get through them.

Among all the songs Nicks struggled through, ‘Yesterday‘ held a special place in her heart. The Beatles’ early ballad, predating their experimental phase, has earned global acclaim as Paul McCartney’s lament to lost love. It has become one of the most covered songs in musical history. Most people might recognize themselves in McCartney’s sadness, but Nicks finds true anguish behind the song.

When asked about the song, Nicks believed McCartney anticipated what would happen to him later in life with his wife Linda. “Yesterday foreshadowed Paul’s journey with Linda – finding his great love and later losing her.” “It’s the perfect song.”

Inspired by his early loss, ‘Yesterday‘ is one of the rare Beatles songs featuring only Paul McCartney. While the band had intended to create a full arrangement for the song, it wasn’t until the string quartet was added. This addition transformed the song and allowed it to take on its classic form.

As the 1970s progressed, Nicks found herself in the same position as the Fab Four. She was riding high with Fleetwood Mac on the success of the album Rumours. While the sessions for her seminal record were turbulent, she did have a silver lining. The chaos turned into gold, putting her in the same category as other famous composers of the day, such as Tom Petty.

Looking back on how she wrote songs, Nicks believes The Beatles‘ mid-period was enlightening for her songwriting. She stated, “These guys truly wrote about the complexities of relationships.” We were amazed by how deep it went.” Thanks to The Beatles, rock and roll evolved daily, prompting Nicks to take it a step further.

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