The Beatles cover George Harrison hated: “They’ve spoilt it”

George Harrison

George Harrison, although he was referred to as “The Quiet One,” may be just as accountable as the other members of his band. When this more serious side of him emerged, it had a greater effect than a remark from John Lennon, because fans were simply unfamiliar to such shocking turns of animosity.

Harrison gave one of the most well-known and pointed criticisms of a Beatles cover ever. Although he didn’t begin writing regularly with the band until later in his career, one of his first and most well-liked songs was “If I Needed Someone.” It was featured on Rubber Soul and Yesterday and Today in 1965 when Lennon and Paul McCartney recognized his talent. George Harrison penned the song, considered one of his finest creations, as a love song for his then-girlfriend, Pattie Boyd. He would marry her a few months after its release.

However, The Hollies, one of The Beatles’ most successful fellow acts from The British Invasion, received a demo of the song from their producer before The Beatles released it on Rubber Soul in December 1965. The group made the peculiar decision to release an alternate version of the song on the same day as Rubber Soul. The single was successful as well, peaking at number 20 on the UK Chart. George Harrison, despite receiving royalties, made it abundantly clear that he was not a fan.

As part of The Beatles’ farewell tour through their native country in December 1965, NME reporter Alan Smith traveled with them. In the course of the run, Harrison gave his unvarnished critique of The Hollies’ rendition of “If I Needed Someone.” The guitarist told the journalist he didn’t write it for the Merseybeat band and called it “rubbish.”

George was preparing for the first house show when Smith wrote: “I asked him about songwriting.” It appears that you wrote one for the Hollies. George snapped out of looking at the mirror. Straightforwardly, he said, “Tell people that I didn’t write it for the Hollies.”

He went on, “They did a version of it called ‘If I Needed Someone,’ as their new single, but it’s not my kind of music.” I think their method of doing it is garbage! They have ruined it. Musically, The Hollies are fine, but the way they record makes them sound like a group of session men. They give the impression of never having met before coming together in a studio. Yes, it’s good technically. But that’s the only thing.

Harrison and The Hollies sparked a feud over his inflammatory remarks. Graham Nash, the band’s leader, declared to the publication a week later that he was “sick and tired” of everything. People regard The Beatles as legislation.

Listen to both versions of ‘If I Needed Someone’ below.






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