The Beatles song Paul McCartney called “genius”

The Beatles

There’s no denying that John Lennon and Paul McCartney had the most important songwriting collaboration in history, even though their personal relationship may have varied. The Beatles quickly became the most well-known band in the world thanks to their inventions, which also had an important effect on society.

The Beatles also established many of the foundations of modern popular music as we know it today. Many aspects that are essential to the current music industry can be traced back to them, including the now-ubiquitous approaches to songwriting and the way that aesthetics and album covers are now essential to an artist’s brand. To put it briefly, they were far more than just a band.

But the Beatles’ success was based solely on their music, without which they would not have existed at all. In their decade in the sun, the Liverpudlian quartet established an extensive oeuvre and began one of the most compelling creative arcs in the history of rock music. Their last chapter’s compositional grandeur brought an end to everything that had begun with the sugary pop of their early days.

The Beatles’ “Come Together” is one of their best songs. It was a fitting way to open 1969’s final album, Abbey Road. The song is a classic in every sense, from the bassline to the central vocal theme. The song, which is widely credited to the legendary Lennon-McCartney collaboration, was primarily written by John Lennon. But, McCartney insists that he was the one who turned the song into the “genius record” that music lovers adore.

McCartney said as much in a 2017 interview with The Washington Post. He said, “We had a very easy manner where we were pooling our resources and each of us knew the other was only in it to help.” “I would frequently assist John with a problem in his song, but he would likewise assist me with my problems. It was totally acceptable for us to act in that way, and we knew we would.

“It’s not about exerting force,” McCartney went on. It comes down to simply existing. John enters as I’m writing, “It’s getting better all the time,” and says, “Couldn’t get worse.” Rather than saying, “Oh, you’re ruining my beautiful song.” “Wonderful, genius,” I say.”I would extend the same kindness to him,” he continued. “John famously introduced “Come Together,” which had a lot in common with Chuck Berry’s song “You Can’t Catch Me.” That’s Chuck Berry, I said. He replied, “Yes.” Saying, “No, no, no,” We then replaced it, slowed it down, and created an incredible record. That’s okay for me to say right now.

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