The classic Elvis Presley song written in a single take.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is known as the king of Rock N’ Roll.  The influence of Black musicians made Persley gain his fame. In 1954 the song, “That’s Alright Mama” came out. This song made Persley famous. This song showed his love for the music. The music was written by Delta Blues in 1946 and it was built on the traditional version by creative and talented singer Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Presley enjoyed the sound of Crudup. But till 19 years old, he had no idea about the basic style of his music. Saturday at Sun Studios in 1954, he was totally in dilemma. He, Bill Black, and Scotty Moore, together spent a lot of time recording a song. But the pressure was increasing as the recording was not in complete version.

During the first recording of Elvis Presley, he had no contract to any of the shows. This generated tension in Presley which forced him to make a last effort to save the song.

The solution came right after. Presley gave up the idea and effort to create country music. Instead, he started doing Crudup’s Classic with his guitar. Going on with the creative spark, Black and Moore joined the Frenzy. They added blues licks what was nearly the happiest last-minute attempt.

After a lot of struggle to complete the task the whole day, Moore said, “I am in dilemma whether Presley is sure about his wild cover or not.” After some time Moore remembered, ” Elvis started singing, enjoying, jumping and acting like a fool. During that time Bill also started acting like a fool. I joined them and started going with the flow.”

Sun Studio owner Sam Phillips Came out from the control booth and asked us what were we doing. “We just couldn’t reply to the actual thing and said, ” All three of us have no idea about that.”  To this, Phillips replied, “Well, now try to find a place and start doing the thing again.” We couldn’t understand whether Phillips didn’t like the noise or it took us a long time to adjust.”

Philips was looking for a “White man” who could sound like a black man. Then he found Presley who can sing old blues songs adding a bit of country songs to it by increasing its speed.

Persley once said, ” If I ever got a place where I could feel like old Arthur felt, I would be a musician like no one has ever heard of.”


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